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Sabonis is Our Type of Pacers All Star

Sabonis nominated to the 2020 All Star Team

Domantas Sabonis makes his first appearance as an All Star this season for the Pacers. The Pacers for years have been known as a hark working team and Sabonis fulfills that role. He is not your typical “flashy” All Star, however, it is just what Pacers fans are about. He joins former hard working Pacers who made the All Star team. Dale Davis known for his rebounding and setting screens for Reggie Miller made it in 1999-2000. Rik Smits. The “Dunkin Dutchman” made it in 1997-1998.

Media Takes Their Shot

Nate [email protected]
As bad as some of the West selections were, Sabonis is the worst actual player selected to the All-Star game in a long time.

Consequently, that is one man’s opinion. HOWEVER, how could someone believe this!? Currently tied for 3rd with 41 double doubles and has 4 Triple Doubles. He is averaging 18.3 PPG, 12.5 Boards and 4.8 assists. Thusly, he states issues with him being a pick n roll threat, but what is wrong with that? Majority of teams are run through the pick n roll and he excels in the role. He is able to finish at the rim and has shown an ability to pass out of the roll as well.

Pacers Going Forward

We are currently on our worst stretch of the season. We have lost 6 straight and 2 of those are in heartbreaking fashion. However, Pacers look to bounce back tonight at home against Milwaukee, who will be without former Pacers George Hill, Kyle Korver and Giannis Antetokounmpo, who is celebrating the birth of a child. Without 3 top players, hopefully the Pacers can get a much needed W, heading into the All Star break.

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