Scouting Report: Andrew Thomas, OT, University of Georgia

Coming out of the University of Georgia is another top prospect in this Draft. Andrew Thomas is a 6’5”, 320-pound offensive tackle. Thomas has been a solid starter on that Georgia offensive line for some time now. Let’s take a look at why he is considered the best offensive lineman in this draft.

The Good About Thomas

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As far as strengths go, Thomas’s specialty is pass blocking. The first thing that stands out is that he initiates contact with his hands first. He doesn’t let his body or the defender initiate the first contact. Thomas gets his hands out and slows down any attempt to get by. He has dealt with his fair share of talented pass rushers. Second, Thomas knows where his Quarterback is at. Too many times you see a lineman who has no idea where his Quarterback is and ends up backing up into him. When it comes to run blocking he is strong, physical, and aggressive. He is always looking for someone to hit.

The Bad About Thomas

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As far as weaknesses go, he doesn’t have too many. The first is sometimes he is too aggressive when he is run blocking. He has no problem going and blocking for his runners but there are times he gets over-ambitious and hurts his team more than helps. He either loses balance or gets top-heavy and loses the seal for his block. There are moments against agile rushers where he loses a step and then gets top-heavy when trying to catch up. Usually, he still gets the job done it just doesn’t look pretty. He struggles on deeper pass sets where the Quarterback has to drop further back in the pocket. He needs to clean up his footwork and his arcs in order to be successful.

Pro Comparison

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My pro comparison for Thomas is Trent Williams. Williams, when he came out of college, had a very similar skillset to Thomas. He had the great run blocking ability and he also had the feet for a left tackle. Williams, too, had the same struggles but he devoted himself to figuring them out and working on them. He then would be an All-Pro tackle. If Thomas dedicates himself to improving his flaws he should be a consistent player for a franchise. 

Final Thoughts/Projection

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In my eyes, Andrew Thomas is a top ten pick. He has some things to work on and he has moments of inconsistencies but honestly, his issues can be fixed. He has a high ceiling and has a chance to be an anchor on an offensive line for years to come. Overall I am really excited to see where Thomas will go in the Draft. He is a superb talent with lots of offenses to work with. Thomas is an easy first-round pick who should go in the top ten. Expect to hear his name called early on the first night of the Draft.

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