The Powerhouse – Duck Nation might Fall

How do you derail a powerhouse football program? This might be happening in Oregon. Yes, when you look at the Oregon Ducks the past couple of decades, they have been an offensive powerhouse. Since the middle of the last decade, they have become a smash-mouth defensive program. Can this continue with a lot of potential change on the horizon?

So what is changing to this powerhouse?

USC opened up their wallets to former Oregon CB coach Donte Williams.

Recently the Oregon Ducks cornerbacks coach Donte Williams left the program. He was hired by Mario Cristobal in 2018. Williams knows talent at the cornerback position and over the next two recruiting seasons, he brought in a lot of four and five-star talent. USC called him up, and he took the job. This is a big loss for the Ducks.

Dontae Manning withdraws from the powerhouse.
Dontae Manning five star corner withdrawals his letter of Intent with the Oregon Ducks.

There seems to be a lot of backlash in this move. Five-star cornerback Dontae Manning signed in January but now has withdrawn from his letter of intent. He was mainly coming to the program due to Donte Williams’s influence. With the departure, he wants to appeal his letter of Intent and sign with another program later. He had Texas A&M and Georgia on his list, but don’t count out USC. This is causing a domino effect on recruitment. The Ducks have the fifth-best recruiting class, which is their best class ever. Wait and see what domino in recruiting falls next.

What could happen next to the Oregon Ducks program?

Andy Avalos Is first in line for the Colorado Buffaloes head coach position.

The latest rumor is defensive coordinator Andy Avalos is in line for the Colorado head coaching job. From 2016 to 2018, Avalos was defensive coordinator of Boise St. He led them to become the best defense in the Mountain West Conference then came to Oregon the next season. He continued that dominance in the PAC 12. Speculation is the Colorado Buffalos believe it is his time that Avalos head a program.

Could this be the end of Oregon football dominance? Will coach Cristobal hold on to his recruits? They will need a favorable name to take over Avalos if he decides to leave. This will be a massive test for the program in years ahead for recruiting and continued dominance on the football field.

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