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Miami Heat trading for Joel Embiid is a great idea

Listen. We all know that Joel Embiid the 280 LBS 7-foot center is a great player. At 25 years old, he is a very strong quick-footed big man. He can dominate in the low block but yet also step out and shoot a mid range. Also, he can knock down a 3-point bomb if you leave him open. When he was paired with the number 1 pick Ben Simmons the league took notice!

When he finally started playing, he was automatically one of the top play makers in the NBA. They teamed up with stretch four Tobias Harris and made a trade to acquire lockdown defender Jimmy Butler. Once the team was rounded out by a sharpshooter in JJ Redick they were one last second shot from advancing to the Eastern Conference Finals and defeating the Toronto Raptors! However, the young gun 76rs are ageing and have lost key pieces. Butler and Reddick have both left the team, respectively. Seems more and more prominent that Ben Simmons and Joel Embiid might not fit together well. Add all those factors up and the Miami Heat are known for making big trades for elite level bigs. Now, you have to think this trade isn’t as far out of reach as you may think!

What the trade would include

What the trade should include are a lot of assets from the Heat. Embiid is still only 25 years old, and I would say that the only players off-limits for Pat are Jimmy Butler and Bam Adebayo. I would say it would revolve around Kendrick Nunn, Tyler Herro, Derrick Jones JR (After a resign) and Duncan Robinson along with a few picks. Also, maybe a few other names like Kelly Olynyk to make the salaries work. With this trade, the 76rs choose to run with Ben Simmons as there new leader and franchise player. They should surround him with shooters which the Heat has an abundance of luckily. Also, the Heat gets their other franchise player to help them go for their next championship! Furthermore, they would have the big 3 of Joel Embiid, Bam Adebayo and Jimmy Butler!

That would be an amazing front court on the offensive and defensive end. If’s also a pretty young core because as I said Joel Embiid is 25 years old Bam is only 22 and Butler is the oldest of the three. He is 30 years old, and still lots of prime left. With the other top team in the east being the bucks who love to drive and kick and with the length of our defensive juggernauts if Pat is able to get this all-time trade done the Heat have a great chance to be a top team in the NBA for years and create another SOUTH BEACH DYNASTY!

Could it even happen?

You’d think if you are a fan of the Heat or the NBA that with “The Godfather” of basketball Pat Riley. Is it possible that this trade would even be thought about? Well, let’s look into it! Miami this past summer completed a sign and trade where they received all-star Jimmy Butler from the 76rs. Butler and Embiid are good friends. Now if you have been around the Heat for a while you know that Pat loves to go for the gold. Now, with all these young assets he has acquired, I think that if wanted he could go for a big name trade. While in Philly. Joel is getting booed, not cheered, by some fans at home.. It seems like the stars could align to land the 2-time All-Star from the under-performing 76rs.

The Risk

With all trades there is a risk of it not working. This risk, however, is ironically the same as the 76rs right now. Spacing issues. Jimmy isn’t shooting well from long range. Even though he’s having one of his best years as an NBA player, he is only shooting 25% from three. Bam won’t be developing a three point shot yet in his young career. He is only shooting 0.2 per game. Although Embiid can knock them down being the best shooter out of them shooting 33% on 3.9 attempts per game.


In conclusion, I think it would work out great for all teams involved the 76rs clear up some cap. Also, they can surround Simmons with spot up a hooters and hand him the keys to the offense. From a heat standpoint, it gives them another box office player. Miami has, for the most part, always had. Bam should continue to work hard and develop a jump shot. With the defensive combo of Jimmy, Bam, and Embiid, that would be a very tough matchup for any team.

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