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Surprises of the 2020 Fantasy Hockey Season

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We are witnessing an unprecedented global situation, one that has brought most of the world to a halt. The sports world is no exception. We’ve seen all the major sports outlets shut down for the foreseeable future. Some have chosen to shut down for the rest of the season, some have put their season on hold. Obviously a work-ending event for the sports leagues brings with it cessation of fantasy sports as well. This is appropriately low on everyone’s priority list, but that doesn’t mean we can’t discuss it! Let’s see how this fantasy hockey season has gone so far. With no confirmed end in sight, we’ll take a look at a few surprises of the 2020 Fantasy Hockey season. Some of the names you’ll see might be household names, others could be top players in coming seasons.

Five Surprises of the 2020 Fantasy Hockey Season

Mika Zibanejad, New York Rangers

57 Games Played: 41 Goals / 34 Assists / 75 Points / +9 / 14 PIM / 27 PPP / 208 SOG / 51 Hits / 49 Blocks

  • Yahoo ownership 94%
  • ESPN ownership 100%
  • Fantrax ownership 100%

Coming off a career best 74 point season, Zibanejad was the player the Rangers hoped for. No one foresaw this kind of production from him this season. Setting new career highs in goals and points, in 25 less games played, Zibanejad solidified himself as the top line center. Based on where he was being drafted, he could be the reason teams win the championship.

Roman Josi, Nashville Predators

69 Games Played: 16 Goals / 49 Assists / 65 Points / +22 / 41 PIM / 23 PPP / 260 SOG / 52 Hits / 108 Blocks

  • Yahoo ownership 100%
  • ESPN ownership 100%
  • Fantrax ownership 100%

When Pernell Karl Subban was traded to the New Jersey Devils in June, all focus shifted to Josi. He has proven to be more than capable. Setting career highs in goals, assists and points, Josi showed he is the elite fantasy defenseman we thought he could be. It’s highly probable that he will be one of the top 3 defenseman drafted next season.

J.T. Miller, Vancouver Canucks

69 Games Played: 27 Goals / 45 Assists / 72 Points / +11 / 47 PIM / 25 PPP / 165 SOG / 123 Hits / 38 Blocks

  • Yahoo ownership 91%
  • ESPN ownership 98.2%
  • Fantrax ownership 97%

Coming out of nowhere, Miller found immediate success after grabbing the left wing spot next to Elias Pettersson. Arguably the best value found in fantasy hockey drafts this season, Miller, like Josi and Zibanejad, set new career highs. His production is the least sustainable, but that doesn’t mean he won’t be sought after in next year’s draft.

Pavel Francouz, Colorado Avalanche

34 Games Played: 21-7-4 / .923 save% / 2.41 GAA / 1 Shutout

  • Yahoo ownership 67%
  • ESPN ownership 60%
  • Fantrax ownership 71%

Since taking over on February 16th, Francouz holds a 8-2-2 record. Even though he had the benefit of playing behind a top offensive team, his success wasn’t based on them alone. He was averaging 2.42 goals against in that stretch, along with a .919 save%. Solid production from a back up thrown into a starting role.

Elvis Merzlikins , Columbus Blue Jackets

33 Games Played: 13-9-8 / .923 save% / 2.35 GAA / 5 Shutouts

  • Yahoo ownership 48%
  • ESPN ownership 38.2%
  • Fantrax ownership 71%

Another back up thrown into the fire, Merzlikins started his reign with a BOOM! In his first 14 games as the starter, he had a 12-2 record, a .953 save % and 5 shut outs. During that run, he pushed teams up the league standings, even solidifying some on top of their leagues. Unfortunately, the success didn’t continue for him. An injury sidelined Merzlikins for a few games. He followed up his hot start with a less than stellar nine game stretch. Posting a 1-3-4 record with a .900 save%. He should be a popular sleeper name at next year’s draft, definitely keep his name in mind.

There you go! Five surprises of the 2020 fantasy hockey season. There are many more to discuss, keep an eye out for other articles from the Overtime Heroics Fantasy Hockey team discussing other surprises from this year.

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