Cousins at the Hot Corner

Nolan Arenado and his cousin, Josh Fuentes, have been red hot this Spring Training. Nolan, who is already one of the top third basemen in the league, has set a high bar for his cousin to reach. That doesn’t scare Fuentes, though. In a 2019 interview with the Denver Post, Fuentes stated, “I think I’m better than Nolan.” Since we have a good family rivalry on our hands, it is time to check out the comparison between the two stars. Let’s see how Fuentes’ rookie year stats stack up to Nolan’s.

Nolan Arenado

Drafted 2009 in Round 2 by the Colorado Rockies, Debut: 4/28/2013

Nolan Arenado Rookie Season Stats (2013)

AB: 486 R: 49 H: 130 HR: 10 BB: 23 SO: 72 SB: 2 AVG: .267 OBP: .301 SLG: .405 OPS: .706

Nolan Arenado Spring Training Stats (2014)

AB: 56 R: 6 H: 20 HR: 3 BB: 4 SO: 8 SB: 0 AVG: .357 OBP: .410 SLG: .696 OPS: 1.106

MLB Stats

Josh Fuentes

Undrafted Free Agent, Debut: 4/06/2019

Josh Fuentes Rookie Season (2019)

AB: 55 R: 8 H: 12 HR: 3 BB: 1 SO: 20 SB: 1 AVG: .218 OBP: .232 SLG: .400 OPS: .632

Josh Fuentes Spring Training (2020)

AB: 30 R: 4 H: 9 HR: 0 BB: 0 SO: 5 SB: 0 AVG: .300 OBP: .290 SLG: .300 OPS: .290

MLB Stats

The Regular Season

For their regular season stats, Nolan has Fuentes beat. Nolan has almost 9 times as many at-bats than Fuentes, so of course, his stats are going to be higher. The two stats that are most interesting are how Nolan’s average is .267 and Fuentes is .218. With fewer at-bats, being behind his cousin by only .049 is pretty impressive. The OPS stats with Nolan at .706 and Fuentes at .632 are also promising for Fuentes. Fuentes having so many fewer at-bats but very similar OBP means that he makes his at-bats count and if he had even more chances it could show us that he’s a rising star.

Spring Training

By looking at the stats, we can see that Nolan clearly has a ton more at-bats than Fuentes, but the Spring Training after their rookie seasons are comparable. The AVG for Nolan is .057 higher, but since Fuentes’s spring ended earlier than expected, we can only imagine what his numbers could have been. The OBP is pretty separated, with Nolan having a .410 against Fuentes’s .290. We wish we could see how Fuentes numbers would have been with a full spring, but from what we can tell with what we have, they are not too far apart.

It makes sense these two are related; they are both excellent ballplayers. For Fuentes, who was an undrafted free agent, keeping up with Nolan (a second-round pick) is an impressive feat. We will have to see in the future if Josh’s comment is true, but as of now, he is proving that he could be a star for the Rockies.

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