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Deshaun Watson; Whatever It Takes

Up to this point, it’s been mostly wishful thinking. Honestly, it still is. But according to Adam Schefter and Ian Rappaport, Deshaun Watson‘s agent has requested a trade on behalf of Watson. While Schefter’s tweet is followed with the statement that the Texans have spoken with interested teams and do not plan to trade him, it has opened the door to the possibility.

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Why Should the Colts Trade For Deshaun Watson?

Ummm… because why not? The Colts current quarterback room has a 38-year-old Philip Rivers, the clearly unwanted Jacoby Brissett, and the always interesting but not that interesting Chad Kelly. While Rivers should be considered an acceptable option for this year and maybe next, he is not the answer for the future at the quarterback position for the Indianapolis Colts. The answer is Deshaun Watson. Will it happen? That’s a near 100% negatory ghost rider. In that same breath, can we dream and see what it would take to get Watson in a horseshoe? Again, why not.

There is absolutely no need to deep dive into Watson’s statistics. He is a perennial top-five quarterback in football, he is evasive and has a huge arm, and the guy can win big games almost by himself (see National Championship game). The true question is what would it take to get the 24-year-old gunslinger in Indianapolis?

What it Would Take?

Well, the Colts might have to take out a second and third mortgage. Running with the assumption that Bill O’Brien is dumb enough to trade Watson at all, much less within his own division, we should assume the Colts would have to trade nearly their entire draft stock for this and next year. So, for tinkles and tickles, let’s say the Colts send literally every pick of this years and next years draft. That would be one first-round pick, three second-round picks, two third-round picks, two fourth-round picks, two fifth-round picks, three sixth-round picks, and one seventh-round pick. Include Philip Rivers into that deal to replace Watson and it might, MIGHT do the trick. Would Chris Ballard be willing to do that trade? We have no way of knowing, but it sure seems worth it from this angle (which granted is from my couch for a reason).

If you are the Colts, not attempting to mortgage everything for Watson would be a mistake. Chris Ballard is a smart man so there’s no reason to believe he won’t make a valiant pass at Watson. That being said if Chris Ballard is somehow reading an article written by a 22-year-old college student this needs to be said: Are you hiring? Just kidding! (Kind of). In all seriousness, Chris Ballard if you are reading this, we want Deshaun Watson, whatever it takes.

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