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Five Teams That Could Trade Down in the First Round

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Five teams could be trading down in the first round. Some of these teams just don’t have much draft capital but a lot of teams are looking rebuild. There could be calls to trade for a quarterback, or someone could jump up for a wide receiver in this deep class. This draft will receive a lot of attention in the top ten and the 10th to the 15th pick. Let’s discuss which teams could trade down.

Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions finished 3-12-1 last season giving them the third overall pick. The Lions are in a position to have a team like the Chargers or the Dolphins to move up to take a quarterback like Tua Tagovailoa.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Lions are definitely listening. The Lions have nine picks in this draft but why not get another second or first to help rebuild the team and help out Matthew Stafford.

New York Giants

The New York Giants are also in a great position to trade down. They have their franchise quarterback and if for some reason the Lions don’t trade down this will be a must. Dave Gettleman has publicly acknowledged that the Giants are open for business.

This pick at number four looks like a definite trade possibility. The Giants only have five picks in the first five rounds but then have five picks in the last two rounds. They need to continue to build so why not keep adding to the roster. They still have a lot of holes and a lot of depth issues. They can build around their young star running back and their young quarterback.

Carolina Panthers

The Carolina Panthers select seventh overall in the draft. This is a team that lost a significant amount of talent. They cut quarterback Cam Newton and they replaced him with Teddy Bridgewater. They lost 11 players on defense including star linebacker Luke Kuechly to retirement.

Matt Rhule is looking to rebuild a team that doesn’t have many players left from their Super Bowl 50 team. With teams trading for a quarterback in front of them, this gives them the opportunity to trade down from the defensive players that are dropping. Cornerback Jeff Okudah and linebacker Isaiah Simmons could be available. Even though both players are great additions if a team wants to trade up for extra picks this should be an option.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jacksonville Jaguars have picks nine and twenty. They could trade down from either. This team is in total rebuild mode and should do what they did in 2016. They accumulated an army of picks and landed on every one of them. They went to the AFC Championship the season after.

There are four teams behind them that are looking for wide receivers. The New York Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders could be looking for a wide receiver. The Jaguars already have 12 picks why not get more for the rebuild.

Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have five picks in the first 56. They should trade down from pick 18 or pick 26. They already have been active in free agency but now they need to look at their depth.

There are teams behind them that do have needs toward that 18 spot like a quarterback or a wide receiver. The Raiders, Jaguars, Eagles, and Vikings could all jump up to grab an elite receiver. Then there is the New England Patriots that might jump up to get a quarterback like Jordan Love.

The Miami Dolphins completely rebuilt this offseason adding loads of free agents. They can complete a perfect offseason by adding more talent in the draft.

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