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Browns Third Round Options: NFL Draft

The Browns have significant needs at linebacker, safety, and defensive line. Could we see a receiver or another offensive linemen? The choices could change based on picks made in rounds one and two, but they will need to look at these positions in the third round. At this point, we will just focus on one of each that could be available at 74 and 97.

The goal was to make the options as realistic as possible, so two mock draft simulators were used to compile the information. The two used were The Draft Network and Pro Football Network. Based on the team’s needs and the first five simulations of each mock, a big board of 15 players was created. The first six players drafted five times between the two simulators would be the players most available to be selected by the Browns.

Browns Pick 74

Malik Harrison, Linebacker, Ohio State

PFN Analysis:  “Harrison has limitations, but he’s a very sudden defender who stands out against the run. More of a two-down linebacker, he’s a scheme-specific player who can stand out at the next level if properly coached.”

TDN analysis: “Malik Harrison projects as a starting MIKE at the NFL level, although his impact in the passing game is going to be marginal compared to the value he brings against the run. A physical thumper in downhill situations and does a wonderful job stuffing up blocks and keying opportunities to stack/shed or shoot gaps and attack the mesh point. An early-down player for most teams but with more development in zone he could see his snap share raise in time.”

Browns Fit

The Browns need help stopping the run, and that is where Harrison excels. Most Browns fans are Ohio State fans and clamor for the Browns to take any player that wore scarlet and gray. In this case, it is the right choice with the lack of depth at the linebacker position. After watching the defense give up 140+ yards per game on the ground, Harrison would be a welcome addition.

Neville Gallimore, Defensive Line, Oklahoma

PFN analysis: “Though he was consistent for Oklahoma, Gallimore was never a top playmaker on the Sooners defensive line. He’s quick, explosive and agile and comes with good upside, but Gallimore must really put the pedal to the metal and start to be more consistent.”

TDN Analysis: “Neville Gallimore is a disruptive 1T in a penetration style defensive system. Gallimore isn’t necessarily a huge finisher and hasn’t rolled up huge production in the backfield but make no mistake, his initial quickness, power, hand counters and motor will provide plenty of disruption upfront for even front teams looking to collapse the pocket and get opposing quarterbacks on their heels. Gallimore has viable three-down ability thanks to his short-area agility. An NFL starter.”

Browns Fit

Drafting Gallimore solves some future concerns for the Browns. Andrew Billings was signed this past offseason to provide depth but on a one year deal. Sheldon Richardson has two years left on a big contract that may no longer suite his level of production. Gallimore has starter talent and could be the player to replace Richardson. At the very least, he allows the Browns to find cheaper options in 2021.

Jeremy Chinn, Safety, Southern Illinois

Browns Third Round
Michael Conroy The Associated Press.

PFN Analysis: “Chinn was a productive small-school defensive back who tested off the charts during combine workouts. He possesses incredible upside and just needs to brush off the rough edges of his game and consistently play at the level he is capable of.”

TDN Analysis: “Jeremy Chinn has next-level athleticism for the back end of a defense, and his value in the early downs will be in a traditional Strong Safety role. Chinn’s impact in coverage is most effective when he’s given shallow areas to roam and break on the ball, and he’s a potent tackler — he should be a potential 3rd-down sub-package LB who can roam in space. Chinn will need some fine-tuning from a football IQ perspective as a small school prospect, but he’s got a high ceiling with time to develop.”

Browns Fit

Chinn is a talented small-school safety with high upside. After signing two safeties to one-year deals in the offseason, the Browns need future help. Chinn fills a long term need and the physical tools to develop into a star if it all comes together. It seems like the kind of pick to look for in round three.

Browns Pick 97

Logan Wilson, Linebacker, Wyoming

Browns Third Round
Courtesy of

PFN Analysis: “Wilson is a hard-charging linebacker who stands out against the run and shows some ability in zone coverage. He offers scheme versatility and could eventually develop into a starter at the next level.”

TDN Analysis: “Wyoming linebacker Logan Wilson enters the NFL with monster production across four seasons in college, three coming as a team captain. He has the processing skills expected for such an experienced player where his key and diagnosis ability shines. He’s physical, urgent and a standout tackler. While Wilson projects well to defending short zones and basic coverage drops, deeper drops and man coverage reps are missing from his tape. In addition, Wilson has good range and fluidity but the explosiveness of true top talent at the position is lacking. Wilson has the upside of being a starting SAM or MIKE linebacker that provides quality play on the second level. At a minimum, he should provide quality depth and special teams upside.”

Browns Fit

Logan Wilson is another linebacker that is strong at the point of attack in the run game. While Malik Harrison is more of a two-down ‘backer Wilson can hold his own in a zone coverage scheme. He is smart, tough, and could be a solid starter for a long time in the NFL. He would also be a great fit next to Mack Wilson.

James Lynch, Defensive Line, Baylor

PFN Analysis: “Lynch is a developing lineman who has displayed natural pass-rushing skill the past three seasons. He needs to physically mature and add strength to his game, but Lynch could ultimately be a solid defensive end in a three-man line or even kick inside and be used as a three-technique tackle.”

TDN Analysis: “James Lynch projects as a quality rotational defender at the NFL level. His college production is through the roof — but I’m not sold that he’ll find translatable wins consistently moving forward as he faces NFL caliber blockers. Lynch wins with effort, some nifty hand fighting at first contact and thrived in an aggressive scheme — he’d be well suited to get reps in a gap penetration role, although his get-off my hinder his ability to find the splash plays he created at Baylor.”

Browns Fit

James Lynch provides a nice depth tackle that can get after the quarterback. While he may never become a star, you get 100% effort all the time. Energy and non-stop motor are what describe Lynch, and every team can use guys like that. Also, the more fresh bodies you can throw at an offense, the better.

Ashtyn Davis, Safety, California

PFN Analysis: “Davis is an athletic safety who is best in a straight line and between the numbers. He lacks great range and must play in a system that uses him as a zone or strong safety.”

TDN Analysis: “Ashtyn Davis projects best into a role as a Cover-2 free safety at the pro level. Davis has strong tackling skills on the back end and some effective reps dropping down into the box to play man to man in the slot, but he’s generally lacking in run support in the box to be asked upon to play such a role with consistency in the pros. Too many bad angles and too many reps getting stuck to blocks negate his versatility. Putting him in primarily Cover 2 will allow his deep range to be more effective.” 

Browns Fit

The Browns need a safety, and Davis is a safety, boom. If only it were that easy. Davis is an athletic safety that could improve significantly with strong coaching. Joe Woods has been known as a great defensive backs coach. A perfect fit? With improved angles and tackling technique Davis could develop into a very good NFL safety.

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