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Chicago Bears’ Draft Targets to Replace Nick Kwiatkoski

Nick Kwiatkoski was a very good player for the Chicago Bears. Especially given that he was a fourth-round draft pick. Nick has some really good qualities none better than his ability to stop the run. He was also a very good blitzing linebacker who had a great sense of timing the snap just right. He did also have one major flaw. That being in his pass defense. Running backs and some of the faster tight ends were able to pick on him a little bit throughout his career because of his lack of speed. Having said that, he was still a very valuable piece that could fill in for whichever linebacker got hurt that given week. The Chicago Bears will miss having him around. Now, let us see who the Bears can fill that hole with the upcoming NFL Draft.

Malik Harrison, Ohio State

Malik Harrison is 6’3 250 pounds and ran a very respectable 4.66 40 yard dash at the Scouting Combine. His best qualities are very similar to Nick Kwiatkoski. That being he’s better against the run than the pass. But overall, his ability to cover running backs out of the backfield will be night over Kwiatkoski. The Bears would have to use one of their two second-round picks to acquire Harrison. As I project him to be selected somewhere on day two of the draft.

Logan Wilson, Wyoming

Logan Wilson is 6’2 240 pounds that is also on the faster side at the linebacker position. He ran a 4.63 at the Scouting Combine. His ability to read the offense and react is what will make him a valuable linebacker for whatever team ends up drafting him. He was a very productive player at Wyoming. Wilson had a total of 250 tackles with seven sacks to go along with his ten interceptions and five forced fumbles in his career. Wilson will end up being a steal that teams wish they drafted. I project Logan to be selected in the fourth or fifth round in the upcoming draft.

Francis Bernard, Utah

Francis Bernard is 6’0 235 pounds and will be the most similar to Nick Kwiatkoski. Mainly because he is on the slower side for middle linebackers. But his play recognition and toughness will be his best qualities just like Nick. He will have to start his career fighting for a spot on the roster while first proving himself on special teams. Having said that, he will be worth a risk in the later rounds of the draft. As I project him to be selected in the sixth or seventh round of the NFL Draft on April 23rd-25th.

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