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Extension Candidate: Joey Bart

This statement may make some Giants fans a little touchy, but Buster Posey won’t be the Giants catcher forever. In fact, he may not be the Giants catcher in 2021. That’s because the Giants have his replacement waiting in the minor league wings in the form of Joey Bart.

The fact that Joey Bart isn’t already at the big league level is largely due to organizational circumstances. The Giants are in the middle of a rebuild. This means they have no need to rush prospects to the major league level. If the Giants organization had found themselves in contention currently there would be more of an inclination to push these prospects to the big league level to assist the playoff push. Another factor that Bart isn’t a big leaguer currently is the entrenchment of Buster Posey. When it comes to Buster Posey you have maybe the most popular Giant since Barry Bonds. Not to mention a still well above average catcher. That all being said Buster Posey is 33 years old, now with an injury history meaning we should be seeing Joey Bart sooner than later.

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Getting Ahead Of It

The current MLB system is not very kind to veterans, and prefers youth. The Giants should take advantage of this fact and sign Joey Bart to a long term extension following this season. By the end of this season, Joey Bart should have had ample opportunity to show his abilities against MLB pitching. Furthermore, he will still be just 24 years old and with a Fangraphs projected future value of 60 (all-star caliber player). This should push the Giants to follow the White Sox model and offer a large contract extension to Joey Bart for his years until free agency. This would allow Joey Bart to receive a significant raise for his next few seasons and allow the Giants to get possible all-star level production at a value.

This makes sense for a multitude of reasons. The first being the Giants get to avoid arbitration which can be a demoralizing process for the player. This would increase the Giants’ chances of holding onto Bart past the extension date. The second being it shows a belief in Bart. Giving this extension before Joey Bart establishes himself as a force in MLB shows that the Giants. as an organization, believe that he will eventually develop into that force and this extension is an investment in that future. Finally, giving Bart this extension would show a commitment to the fans that the organization values their players and wants to keep them around. Furthermore, fans can take solace that Bart will be around for the foreseeable future and then some. A security that is not awarded to every fanbase.

Giving Joey Bart an extension following this season makes too much sense on and off the field and doing this should be a priority for the Giants during the 2021 off-season.

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