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Interview With Jevaughn Codlin of Kansas Wesleyan Ahead of the NFL Draft

Back in March, Jevaughn Codlin, from Kansas Wesleyan University, and I did an interview where I asked him questions ahead of his pro-day. Unfortunately, Codlin’s pro-day got canceled due to COVID-19. However, Codlin was able to complete a virtual pro-day, in hopes of catching the attention of scouts. With the draft less than a week away, Codlin and I caught up for a follow-up interview, and here were his responses.

Virtual Pro-Day Numbers:

  • Broad Jump: 10’1.5”
  • 3 Cone Drill: 6.76 
  • 20 Yard Shuttle: 4.50
  • 40 Yard Dash: 4.49
  • Vertical: 37”
  • Bench: 14 Reps
  • Hands: 9”
  • Arms: 32”
  • Wingspan: 74” 

Danny Podolsky: How did you find out your Pro Day had been canceled, and what was your initial reaction? 

Jevaughn Codlin: I was scheduled to do a Pro Day at Pittsburg state on March 13th, and I got down there on March 12th. A couple of my teammates and I were supposed to participate in that. We were seeing on social media news about all these other pro days getting canceled. So we were just hoping that we would be able to get ours the next day. Michigan Pro Day got canceled, and theirs was the same day as ours so we knew that it was likely ours would be canceled too. We got down there, and were able to walk around the facilities, but the coach called us, and told us pro day had been canceled.

It was hard because without your pro day, your opportunity is diminished. Especially being a small school player, and an undersized player. The odds are stacked up against me so having a pro day would have given me the opportunity to open up some eyes besides the film and all-star games that I’ve participated in. Pro day would have been a great opportunity, so losing that chance was tough to deal with at first. But I had to get over it because it was out of my control. I came back home, and I just got back to work. 

Podolsky: What has your workout schedule been like ahead of the draft?

Codlin: I lift, and I hit the field every day. Six days a week I train, and exercise. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday I make sure I get position drills in, and speed work. I take Wednesday and Sunday to focus on recovery. Maybe go on a bike ride or something. I spend my time doing therapy, cryotherapy, or I get in the sauna. So I’m definitely taking care of my body because I just need to be ready for whenever that time, and that call, arrives. I just need to be ready to go.  

Podolsky: Has having gyms get shut down affected you, and how much you are able to work out?

Codlin: I mean with gyms and fields being shut down, it’s been tough to maneuver around. But, I’m the type of guy where I’ll find a way, and I’m not going to use this pandemic as a reason for not continuing to try and chase my dreams. I’m going to use this pandemic to separate me from other people in this draft class. I know that there are guys that are taking the time off right now. With this pandemic, things are looking kind of bleak, and there’s a chance that there may not even be a season. I know some guys aren’t working as hard, but I’m taking this time to keep my head down, and keep grinding because the type of person I am. 

Podolsky: When did you decide that you needed to complete a virtual pro day for scouts?

Codlin: I had a conversation with a scout for a pro team, and he told me that although the numbers aren’t verified by actual scouts, it won’t hurt to create a pro day video just to have a recent workout video in case a team does request to see you. He said even if it sparks some interest in a team, they can be able to time you later again on your own.

My agent said the same thing. It’s not something that will make or break you. The draft is about a week away now so teams already have an idea of the guys they want to sign, and the guys they want to draft. It’s going to be based off film anyways because the numbers aren’t verified, but it’s not a bad thing to do. You send the video out, and send the numbers out so as of right now, it’s just a waiting game. 

Podolsky: Was it difficult for you having to complete the virtual pro day over multiple days at different locations?

Codlin: Yeah, it definitely was difficult. I had a couple of issues with the police because of the fields that we were trying to use. They only gave me 30 minutes to finish the pro day so it was a really rushed day. The surface wasn’t really that great at the place we were at so trying to get the best times, and the best videos, was difficult because we were rushed. Having to do it on multiple days was definitely a challenge. 

Podolsky: You ran a 4.49 40 yard dash. Are you happy with that time? Was that in the range of what you expected to run? 

Codlin: I wasn’t really too happy with that time because I know that I’m faster than that. I thought that coming back home to Florida was a blessing in disguise, not having to train in Kansas anymore. But coming home for a while, I thought there were going to be gyms open, and stuff like that so I’d have access to my trainers, and get into the lab, and really be able to focus, and get it down.

But, it wasn’t the case; I got home and then a week later, everything shut down. So now, I had to train on my own so I was hitting the hills, the ladders, speed, and doing a lot of training on my own so that would translate to the best that I could. But, I think I was going a little bit too hard, so when I made the decision to do the virtual pro day, I didn’t give my body the right amount of time to de-load so I could peak. So I definitely felt like I was still in hard training mode instead of pro-day prep-mode. 

Podolsky: What part of your pro day are you happiest with?

Codlin: I would say my position drills. Because my strength is that I’m a great cover corner. I have really great feet, I have great change of direction, fluid hips, my transition is great. I’m also smart, so with position drills I think teams will see that and think that this guy can play, this guy can change direction, he can play sideline to sideline. So that’s definitely what I’m most proud of about my pro day. 

Podolsky: Which part of the pro day do you wish you could have improved upon? 

Codlin: I definitely feel I can improve on my short shuttle. My pro agility, that’s definitely one I feel I can improve upon. But, like I said, the surface we played on was definitely not the best, but I definitely know that I can run a faster 40 time. 

Podolsky: Have any NFL teams reached out to you? 

Codlin: I had been contacted by the [Indianapolis] Colts a few days ago. They requested some NFL pre-draft information , and then my phone number. My draft day phone number, my backup phone number, stuff like that for when the draft comes. My agent said there have been a couple teams that asked about me outside of film and everything. But yeah, I was contacted by the Colts the other day. 

Podolsky: What are your expectations for draft night? Do you see yourself getting drafted?

Codlin: In all reality, my expectation is that if I do get drafted, it would be as a late round guy. But I don’t have an expectation of getting drafted. I’ve already expected that I would be the type of guy who would come in on a free agency deal, or mini-camp invite, or tryout guy. I just want an opportunity to get into camp. With the pandemic right now, I don’t really see [training] camp happening. So I’m just hoping for the best, I’m gonna watch the draft, have my phone turned up, and whatever happens, happens, but who knows. I may get that call before the draft is over, and I may get it when the draft ends, or a couple days after, so we’ll have to see.  

Podolsky: If you aren’t drafted, what do you believe would be the next step for you to take? 

Codlin: If I’m not drafted, my next step is just to wait for a call. Maybe get invited to camp, or get offered a deal in free agency. But like I said, even if that doesn’t happen I’m going to keep continuing to work because there are teams that have me on their boards. I am on boards for a number of CFL teams that are interested in working me out; but with the pandemic, I’m not able to attend any workouts for them to evaluate me more in person. 

Podolsky: Is there anything else you want scouts to know about you ahead of Thursday Night’s draft?

Codlin: I just want them to know just that I’m ready. This whole situation that’s happening with us as a country isn’t stopping me from chasing my dream, and it isn’t stopping me from doing what I love. So everyday I’m up, everyday I’m working out, and training to get better so I’m ready for any opportunity. I just want one team to see that I can come in and give it all I got.

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