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Jordan Love Isn’t The Guy

There’s no new information. I don’t know something that you don’t know and I won’t pretend that is the case. However, when it comes to Jordan Love and the Colts, the Colts aren’t going to pick him. No matter what. You may think that’s crazy. Most of the mock drafts across the world are projecting Love to fall to the Colts at 34 or that the Colts will trade up to draft him. Yet, there is a mass of evidence indicating that isn’t the case.

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The Trade

One of the biggest evidence pieces pointing to the fact that the Colts don’t believe Jordan Love is the guy is the fact that they traded out of their #13 pick. The Colts sent that pick to San Francisco in exchange for DeForest Buckner who received a massive extension from the Colts. While that trade says more about Buckner than anyone else. It also says a lot about what the Colts thought they were going to be able to get at #13. There is no chance that the Colts trade out of the 13th pick if they believe Jordan Love is the solution to their QB future. Therefore, we can assume that Chris Ballard and co. don’t believe Jordan Love is their guy.

This is outlined in a tweeted quote of Chris Ballard by Colts beat writer Zak Keefer that states the following. “It was easy. It was very easy.” — Chris Ballard’s words on trading the 13th pick for DeForest Buckner. “Just watch the Super Bowl. That guy played his ass off. He was disruptive the entire game. It was an EASY decision.” It’s safe to say the Colts had no reservations about trading the 13th pick which likely means they have little belief in Jordan Love.

Roster Holes

Another reason the Colts will not draft Jordan Love is the other roster holes. The Colts have filled their short term need for a QB with Philip Rivers. While Rivers signed a one year deal, if all goes well the Colts could simply franchise tag Rivers next off-season making it more like a two-year deal. This means that for the next two years they can focus on the other, more immediate roster holes. Those holes include a massive need at WR. As well as needs at CB (especially with the departure of Pierre Desir), edge rusher (Justin Houston is getting older and Kemoko Turay still has to prove it), and TE (with the departure of Eric Ebron) just to name a few. The Colts have many roster holes they need to fill this season. This likely lead them to push future QB down the priority list.

Jacoby Brissett’s Presence

If the Colts were 100% certain that Jordan Love or any other QB was the guy then they never would have traded out of the 13th pick. They also would not have hesitated in cutting or trading Jacoby Brissett and his large contract. While it is possible that Brissett’s lackluster performance down the stretch in 2019 lead teams to back off. It’s more likely teams look at Brissett as a 27-year-old who showed some upside in the first half of 2019. At least one team would have been interested in acquiring Jacoby Brissett for a mid-round draft pick. That is if he was on the block. As recently as April 17th, 2020 Chris Ballard and Frank Reich have stated that they like Jacoby Brissett. Furthermore, earlier this month the Colts came out and stated that Jacoby Brissett was not going to be traded. If the Colts were certain that Jordan Love or any other QB was going to be the guy there is absolutely no way the Colts still have Brissett on the roster.

Everyone around the NFL landscape believes the Colts will take Jordan Love at #34 or that they’ll trade up to get him. However, based on the evidence above, it wouldn’t shock this writer one bit if Jordan Love made it to the Colts at #34 and they didn’t draft him.

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