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Kenny Stills is Next on the Trade Block

Kenny Stills is finding himself on the trade block once again. Why is he on the trade block right after the Houston Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins. The simple answer is they have wide receivers to give and little draft capital.

Kenny Stills

The Houston Texans will save seven million dollars in cap space by trading Stills. They lost several draft picks last season including a first-round pick due to the Dolphin trade to get Stills and offensive lineman Laremy Tunsil. The Texans have almost six million dollars in cap space after signing their drafted players.

Kenny  Stills on the trade block.

The name of the game is loading as many picks as they unload the positions, not in need. Also, remember this is a wide receiver draft class that has stars through the fourth round. Even a fourth-rounder would benefit from losing Stills.

Washington Redskins

The Washington Redskins are definitely a team looking for a cheap wide receiver. Kenny Stills’s salary is seven million and will need a contract extension. The Redskins have nearly ten million dollars of cap space and they also are in need of a speedster at wide receiver. They have two fourth-round picks due to landing a compensatory pick in the fourth round. This will make it the most logical team for a trade.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles are in desperate need of a competent wide receiver and they have nine picks in the draft that can be beneficial on getting a player like Stills. Yes more than likely they will use a pick for this great receiver class but it would be nice to have a solid wide receiver that is new for Carson Wentz.

The Eagles have three fourth-round picks and have almost 17 million dollars in cap space. They can easily take on the remainder of his contract and be able to extend if they need to.

Conclusion on Kenny Stills

There is no doubt there are teams that are looking for a slot receiver like Stills. This offseason teams have to keep in mind how valuable this draft class is but also remember there are always reliable receivers a struggling team can grab.

Keep this in mind that quarterback Deshaun Watson still has a solid amount of weapons if they can ever get healthy and they can always get a wide receiver in the draft.

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