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Q-and-A with Rams Draft Pick Tremayne Anchrum

When drafting offensive lineman, the fit is paramount. The Rams love offensive lineman that can block in space and that they can train at multiple spots. That’s precisely what they got in seventh-round draft pick Tremayne Anchrum. As a starter on the right side of the offensive line at Clemson, Anchrum has been in big games and lots of them. Even though he played tackle in college, he is expected to be trained at guard for the Rams, giving the team yet another versatile piece on the line. We caught up with Tremayne before he heads to LA to provide the fans with a glimpse of him personally.

Associated Press/ Rick Scuteri

Q: What are your nicknames?

A: Tree

Q: Who is your favorite non-football athlete?

A: LeBron James

Q: What is your weirdest fear?

A: A check that bounces

Q: If you couldn’t be an athlete, what would you do outside of sports?

A: Work with or in business to find ways to provide different opportunities for kids.

Q: What is something you haven’t had the chance to try but want to?

A: Ride a horse

Q: What is your favorite Disney movie?

A: The Lion King

Q: Name the artist that you’re currently listening to the most

A: Kanye West

Q: What are three things that you would bring to a deserted island?

A: A Swiss army knife, a water filter, and a volleyball named Wilson

Q: What is your fantasy vacation spot?

A: Maldives

Q: Cats or Dogs?

A: Dogs

Q: What is your secret obsession?

A: I used to love watching storm chasers.

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