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The Reason Behind Andy Dalton Going to the Cowboys

The reason behind Andy Dalton going to the Cowboys is simply. It isn’t to put a fire into the Dak Prescott negotiations. It isn’t to have Dalton start at all. This was a strategic move, in preparation for a football season with COVID-19.

The reason was first thought because of Dak Prescott

Dak Prescott is becoming a complete bare to the Cowboys organization due to his contract negotiations. The Cowboys went out and got quarterback Andy Dalton who had similar first four seasons as Dak had. With the exception of turnovers, they had the same success.

Dalton signed a 1-year deal worth seven million dollars but three million dollars is guaranteed. His contract is much cheaper than Dak Prescott 40 million dollar offer. This could be showing Prescott that owner Jerry Jones is in control, and Dak’s leverage is over.

The reason why Andy Dalton signed

The believable reason why Dalton signed is due to helping himself to be ready for 2021. Dalton is essentially saving his starting career like Jameis Winston did earlier last week. He took a smaller deal with a great organization that will get him ready for a starting job with a team that will have veterans retiring, possibly next season.

Andy Dalton couldn’t have gotten placed in a better organization than the Dallas Cowboys. They have a offense with weapons, a great offensive line, and a solid organization from top to bottom. Dalton can practice developing his game under Dak Prescott.

The reason

With the addition to getting ready for the 2021 season, Dalton also has a home in Texas. Keep in mind the Cowboys had absolutely no backup in case Dak Prescott goes and to injury or to the Covid19 pandemic.


Don’t get me wrong this is still Dak Prescott’s team. This is mainly a playing piece to get negotiations rolling again and hopefully have him sign the tag to have more time for negotiations. Dalton is taking this with stride and will make the best of this situation. Dalton realized how bad the market is for a starting quarterback this year.

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