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Miami Dolphins Renegotiate a Deal With Albert Wilson

The Miami Dolphins and wide receiver Albert Wilson have renegotiated a deal worth $3M, and $1M worth of incentives via FieldYates

Albert Wilson was drafted by the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014 but signed with the Dolphins in 2018. With the contract negotiation, Wilson has a chance to prove his worth in the NFL. This is after he had a disappointing first two seasons with the Dolphins. If Wilson could establish himself as a valuable asset to the Dolphins, he could possibly get a two-year extension.

In his first two seasons with the Dolphins, Wilson received 69 receptions, 742 receiving yards, and five touchdowns. Brian Flores seems to have a style where an athlete has to prove he belongs in the organization before he gets the big money. Also, Wilson only played seven games in the past two seasons with the Dolphins. Overall, this helps both the Dolphins and Wilson because the Dolphins get some more cap space, and Wilson could play well and get a huge payday. 

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