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NCAA Potentially Closing Could Affect the NFL Draft

NCAA President has made it clear that if not all campuses are open during the Fall season, then there will be no sports. This can cause a major problem for evaluators and each NFL organization as a whole. 

Evaluating NCAA Players

Many athletes can easily fall off the map of an NFL organization as easily as they climbed onto the map. A senior season for any athlete is the most important time of his NCAA career. An example would be Joe Burrow, who was just average until his senior season were he broke records. In Burrow’s junior season, he threw 16 touchdowns, five interceptions, and 2,894 passing yards. In comparison, Burrow in his senior season threw 60 touchdowns, six interceptions, and 5,671 passing yards. Overall, it is a challenge to predict how an athlete will play in the NFL if they have not played in their senior season.

NFL Combine

We have seen athletes rise up the draft boards because they run a 4.22-second forty-yard dash. John Ross began to rise up the draft board after he ran the fastest forty-yard dash in NFL history. They learned that currently, Ross is a draft bust, but overall the NFL Combine is where some athletes prove there worth. We watched Lamar Jackson fall in the draft, and that’s mainly because he could not complete some of the passes that coaches wanted to see from a quarterback. Jackson has now won MVP and is on a warpath to win the Super Bowl in 2021. Overall, coaches will have to change the way that they evaluate a prospect and learn how to evaluate without resources. 


Some NFL coaches are good at drafting with low information on an athlete who no one else has heard of. Bill Belichick has drafted players from random colleges, which in the end helps him. If the NFL Draft happens, even without the NCAA season occurring, then it will be a challenge for any NFL organization. Most coaches will be going into the NFL Draft like a headless chicken. Overall, teams will have to base the college athletes on either their past season, which could result in lots of busts and steals. 

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