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Robert Kraft Is Auctioning off His Super Bowl LI Ring

New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft is offering up his Super Bowl LI ring for the All In Challenge

How Did Kraft Think of This?

Due to the circumstances of this pandemic, Robert Kraft has been thinking about the workers in America helping everyone against this invisible enemy. Kraft gives his heart out to all of those who are working against this virus right now. This includes front-line health care workers, doctors, nurses, support staff, EMS workers, and intensive care workers. He gives his heart out to them because they are putting their lives on the line everyday.

Why Is Kraft Auctioning the Ring?

Kraft wants to make things special and thought about the Patriots’ Super Bowl experience against the Atlanta Falcons. There was only two and a half minutes left in the third quarter and the Patriots were down. The score was 28 to three. The Patriots had a .04% chance of winning and a 99.6% chance to lose. Despite the odds, they still came back to win in overtime. Kraft wants to give something of extreme value in support of our health care workers. Kraft says that the Super Bowl LI trophy shows how the Patriots came back. Afterwards he says America is the greatest country in the world with the greatest people. He wants people to bid a lot for the ring. This is so that Kraft can get meals to those who need them and are suffering at this time.

How Would You Get There?

Kraft says that if you live in the New England area, he will send a car to pick you up. If you are somewhere else in America, he will send a plane to pick you up. Kraft says you will have a good time, will see the ring, he will show you around, and “maybe have a bite or two”.

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