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Rating the Islanders’ Entrance Songs

Hockey is the most pulsating sport to watch live. Nothing better than a packed house watching the players take the ice full of anticipation and energy. The entrance music should add to the excitement and get the adrenaline pumping for the players taking the ice. This is why Barry Trotz puts out the 4th line/checking line out for the starting lineup to get the boys and the crowd excited and into the game. The DJ at the Coliseum or Barclays Center can have a similar effect on the crowd and the players if they pick a good entrance song for the Islanders. What songs did they use over the years for the Isles? I will take a look at that and give them a grade based on how much energy they brought to the arena.

Live It Up – Airbourne

Grade: A+

While I don’t remember every entrance song, I remember this song well because it was my personal favorite. It starts off kind of slow, but that is one reason why it’s awesome. The guitar solo at the beginning really helps to build anticipation. Then they slowly have a sound effect similar to a small airplane taking off, which helps build even more anticipation. This anticipation culminates with the singer screaming LET’S GO!! The chorus is my favorite part because it reminds me of the Isles’ 4th line: Clutterbuck, Cizikas, and Martin: “I’m a hell-raiser, risk-taker, full speed ahead, till I’m dead in the fast lane.” For me, this is the gold standard of entrance songs. It is not a song you would hear in every arena or at every sporting event, so I always remember being at the old Barn when I hear it.

Fix You – Coldplay

Grade: F

Going from best to worst. The last year at the old Barn the Islanders decided to come out to Fix You by Coldplay. Not only was this copying the Habs’ entrance song, but it was also a terrible choice. When I  am getting ready for a hockey game, as a fan, the last thing I want to hear is an emotional, sad song by Coldplay. “When you lose something you can’t replace.” This lyric alone made me think about losing the Coliseum instead of getting geed up to cheer on the Isles. If Leo Komarov was on the team at the time, he and Beau would have to smack each other a lot harder than usual to wake up after hearing “Fix You.”

Jungle – X Ambassadors, Jamie N Commons

Grade: C+

This song was an entrance song, but I actually could not tell you which period they skated out to it. However, I think it was an original choice that I will always remember hearing strictly at Islander games. Other than that, it just did not hype me up enough for an entrance song. While I like it as a song,  I prefer entrance songs to have a faster beat. This song is pretty much all build-up and anticlimactic in my opinion.

The Phoenix  – Fall Out Boy

Grade: A

They used this song as more of a hype video than as an entrance song for the last year at the Barn before they switched on “Fix You.” They should not have switched to “Fix You.” This song gets the blood pumping and is just what the players and the fans need to get excited for a game. I would bring this song back as a throwback when they start next season at the New Coli.

Bring Em Out – T.I.

Grade: B+

While I personally prefer Rock/Metal for entrance songs, this is a fitting song to bring the boys out to. The only real reason I prefer Rock/Metal is that’s what I always remember hearing at hockey games when I was young, so it’s just a sentimental thing. But keeping an open-mind, T.I.’s music definitely was not a bad choice to get people’s adrenaline going.

Baba O’Riley – The Who

Grade: B+

A classic song by British rock legends, The Who. One of the best buildups of all time, so no surprise the Isles stuck with this song for multiple years.  You may say: “You seem to love the song! Why just a B+?” Well, it is a bit overplayed/cliché, and just too easy of a pick. To get a higher rating from me it would have to be a song not everyone knows. A song like “Live it Up”, where we would just associate it to the Islanders.

My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark – Fall Out Boy

Grade: A

My rating on this one is a little biased I will admit because I love Fall Out Boy. However, this song like “The Phoenix” is a great way to pump people up. 2013 was a very disappointing season on the ice for the Isles, but I think they at least picked a solid entrance song.

Some Songs They Should Use

Fight – Kevin Owens

The WWE has some of the best entrance music out there and Kevin Owens’ walk-out music is my personal favorite. Isles fans adopted the “Yes” chant from the WWE, which is awesome and a great way to celebrate. However, it’s getting a little played out at this point. I think “Fight” would be a great way to amp people up before a game.

Champion- Barns Courtney

Barns Courtney is an up-and-coming alternative rock artist. Barns’ music has made its way into many video games, commercials, and hype videos. Barns has many songs that could be used as entrance songs including Champion, Hellfire, and Glitter & Gold. I picked Champion because it talks about how you have to “take a beating” to be a champion, which is very true in the NHL.

Wild Side – Motley Crue

Motley Crue is a classic rock band from the ’80s and their music gets the blood pumping. I know what you are thinking: “When did Motley Crue become classic rock?” Well Debbie, probably around 2004, when Bowling for Soup came out with “1985.” “Kickstart My Heart” is another very good option by Motley Crue, but that’s just a bit overplayed.

Animals – Nickelback

 Going to be my most controversial pick for sure because Nickelback has become a notorious meme. However, this song quite simply bangs. Just listen to it before you get on my case for picking a Nickelback song. A perfect hype song to start a hockey game. “Burn it to the Ground” is another Nickelback song that could be used.

House on Fire- Rise Against

I don’t remember where I heard this song first, but it has a really strong beat and builds up really well. While “Savior” would be a more popular Rise Against song to come out to, that is the exact reason why I prefer “House on Fire.” No other team would be using it and it would become a uniquely Islander song, like “Live It Up.” They would have to find a censored version, but it’s worth it.

Faint- Linkin Park

I had to throw in one song from my favorite hard rock band. There were many choices that I could’ve picked by Linkin Park, but I thought “Faint” had the best build-up. “Bleed it Out” is also another very good option by Linkin Park, but would need to be censored.

In One Ear – Cage The Elephant

Mixing some alternative rock options in there. This song not only has a great intro but also has a perfect message for the Islander players.

Shoot to Thrill -AC/DC

AC/DC, again, had a lot of songs to choose from, such as Highway to Hell, T.N.T., Thunderstruck, the list goes on… Shoot to Thrill is lesser-known than the other ones mentioned.  Also, while the song is not about hockey, some parts of the song could be used as hockey references. Like the title “Shoot to Thrill”, thrill the crowd with your shot… “Are You Ready” is also another good choice by them for an entrance.


Music taste is VERY subjective, so it would be incredibly easy to disagree with me on any of my takes. However, whether you are a fan of EDM, rock, metal, or country music, I think we can all agree… “Fix You” by Coldplay is not a hype song.

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