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New York Met urban legend Bartolo Colon better known as “Big Sexy” wants one more year with the Mets. Bartolo told ESPN reporter Marly Rivera: “If it were up to me, I would retire with the Mets. I would like my career to end in New York.” Bartolo is almost 47 and has not pitched since 2018. However, I think the Mets should bring Big Sexy back.

Low Risk

Bringing in Bartolo Colon for one more season on a minor league deal would have almost no financial risk. As mentioned he turns 47 on the 24th of May and has not pitched since 2018. Signing him to a 1- year minor league contract and having him prove himself in Triple-A would run a very little risk for the Mets’ franchise. Worst case scenario he gets injured or doesn’t perform well enough to get called up to the Bigs.

Potential Reward

Yes, Bartolo is old and most definitely out of shape, but only 4 years ago you could have made the same exact argument. Bartolo had one of his best years in 2016. He won 15 games finished with an ERA of 3.43 and was an All-Star. Not to mention he went deep! Colon is not a power pitcher so his age does not affect him as much as it would a flame thrower. Colon makes his living off the placement and movement on his pitches. He still has a great desire to play especially for the Mets. Reuniting him with the Mets could bring back some of that 2016 magic.

Recent Struggles

Since 2016, he has been less than spectacular pitching for the Braves, Twins, and Rangers. In 2017, he pitched to an 8.14 ERA in 13 games for the Braves. He was then let go and pitched a little better for the Twins with a 5.18 ERA in 15 starts. His final season with the Rangers was not great, to say the least pitching to a 5.78 ERA in 28 starts. However, he was used as a starter by all three teams. If he performs well enough in Syracuse, he could earn a spot in the Mets struggling bullpen.

Fail Safe

The Mets had one of the worst bullpens in the league last year. They had an ERA of 4.99 for 25th in the league and had a WAR of 0.7 for 23rd in the league. The Mets do have Justin Wilson coming back and they did bring in Dellin Betances. However, both pitchers are coming back from injuries this season. Edwin Diaz and Jeurys Familia have big question marks around them as well after their terrible seasons last year. Colon could be used as a fail-safe for the bullpen. As both Met and Yankee fans know Colon is no stranger to pitching out of the bullpen. In 2015 Colon was moved to the bullpen for the playoffs and did a commendable job. He could also be used as an innings eater in blowouts.

Starting Depth

Bartolo could also be a fail-safe for the Mets’ starting rotation. Noah Syndergaard is out this season choosing to undergo Tommy John surgery. This means injury-prone Michael Wacha will most likely take their 5th spot in the rotation. If Wacha does not perform or gets injured, having Colon in Triple-A could be a useful option. I think Lugo could potentially take that spot before Colon but that would leave a bullpen spot open. As all Met fans know injuries happen and it can’t hurt to have a very deep team.

Entertainment Value

Colon’s value to the club is beyond what he does on the mound. Colon is a fan favorite. I don’t know about you but even if he is pitching in Syracuse I would still love to watch him. Some of his most entertaining moments came from him at the plate and Colon fed into this. Once Colon found out how much the Met fans enjoyed watching this helmet fall off he asked for a bigger batting helmet so it would happen more. Big Sexy was not only beloved by the fans but also by his teammates. Especially Syndergaard who was the one who coined the name “Big Sexy.” Colon is a great veteran to have in the clubhouse and could mentor a lot of younger pitchers especially if he is in Triple-A.


Some of the best recent memories as a Met fan have come courtesy of Bartolo Colon. The Mets could not only have a fail-safe for their bullpen and starting rotation but also bring back one of the best characters in the history of baseball. Bartolo still has a strong desire to play for the Mets one more season. I say they should bring Sexy back!

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