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Interview With Rising Rockie, Michael Toglia

I had a opportunity to send some questions to the #1 2019 Draft Pick and #3 Prospect for the Rockies, Michael Toglia. I asked him about his thoughts on the MiLB losing teams, how he is adjusting to the Rockies farm system, and even some unknown hobbies. He is a very interesting person and easy to talk to. Let’s meet our rising Rockie and pick his brain on some topics!

Minor League Changes

Since Michael is in the Rockies farm system, I thought it was a appropriate get his ideas on the loss of some MiLB teams. He talked about how cutting the baseball teams is a disservice to the sport. He brought up the impact this would have on cities; how communities will be stripped from the sport. Not many states have their own MLB team. Having a minor league team brings a city the amazing sport of baseball. This decision will cut that experience to 42 cities.

Not only does it take away jobs and opportunities from players, but it also strips towns of baseball, and in some cases, removes the sole professional team from the community.

Toglia on MiLb cutting teams

Drafted 2 Times by 1 Team

My next question was how he felt about the Rockies organization. He talked about the Rockies having a lot of faith in him since they drafted him twice. Toglia expressed how amazing the Rockies are at developing talent through their farm system. Even with his short time in the minors he has really seen how knowledgeable the staff is. He also touched on how the Rockies focus on the players mental and physical heath, showing that they care about their players both on and off of the field.

Off the Field

Finally, I asked Michael about some of the hobbies that he has and about some of the things that he loves about Colorado. Toglia talked about his stomping grounds of Washington and about how being raised there has made him enjoy the outdoors. He enjoys hiking and fishing (maybe with Blackmon in the future) and says he has recently picked up golfing. He is determined to get better at his new hobby; we will have to check with him in the future to see how he is doing! When Michael can’t be outside, he enjoys passing his time by playing the ukulele and doing crosswords.

The Future of the Rockies

Michael Toglia is a down to earth person that has a fascinating array of interests. He is humble and seems very excited to see what he can do in the Mile High City. I think that I can speak for all Rockies fans by saying that we are glad to have such a wonderful athlete and even better person in our farm system.

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