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CDL Seattle Home Series Recap

A tourney with new faces in starting lineups, as well as one without three of the top six teams in the standings, was a rather exciting one. Some Twitter beef between teams, some online ping complaints as well as many triple kills and 40 bombs. CDL Seattle may have not had the star-power CDL Minnesota will have, but it did its job.

Chicago Huntsmen

Gunless out. Prestinni in. After placing top-4 at their home series, Chicago “came” to Seattle looking for vengeance. With Prestinni now in the lineup, this team lost three games all weekend. Moving through Paris, Minnesota, New York and London with ease to get 50 points in the CDL standings and winning their 2nd championship on the season. As the competition may have not been as fierce as it will be for Minnesota’s home series, this was a good step for Chicago with their new addition to their lineup winning their first weekend together.

London Finishes Top-Two

For the first time all season, London finished top-two at a home event. They looked good. Wuskin was hitting his snipes, as he almost had a sniper ACE on Piccadilly. They defeated Optic 3-2 in an exciting semifinal match that sent OGLA home and gave London a date with Chicago. London ultimately fell short, losing 3-1 to the Huntsmen in the Grand Final. However, it was a good weekend for London. They had their hiccups against the Guerrillas on Friday but came strong sweeping New York 3-0. This sent them straight to a top-4 finish before finishing top-2 to wrap up CDL Seattle.

New York and Optic Continue to Improve

Two straight home series and two straight top-4 finishes for both New York and LA Optic. Optic even has a top-2 finish after a loss to Faze at CDL Florida. The addition of Mack to New York and Chino to Optic has been a major boost for these teams. Optic and New York respectfully sit at seventh and ninth in the standings. But, with both teams improving over the last two home series, it could roll some eyes from other teams in the league. SlasheR from Optic and ZooMaa for New York have been killing it as well. This weekend, they slayed per usual, as Slasher might have had his best event ever.

Uh No Seattle

Seattle’s home series and they went 0-2. The same thing happened with Florida two weeks ago, as they went 0-2 at their home series. The difference is, Seattle lost to teams like New York and the Guerrillas, whereas Florida struggled with the new-look Subliners and top-four team Minnesota. Seattle was picked by some, not many, but some, to finish at least top 4, and some even picked them to win the whole thing. With the addition of Enable back into the starting lineup, people thought Enable and Ocane could repeat their 100 Thieves days. Instead, they went on to win 2 games all weekend, finishing 7-8, garnering no points in the standings. Seattle will move on to the Minnesota home series, where they will have a lot on their plate. They have three of the top 4 teams in the league in their group and will have to pull off a miracle just to finish top 4, let alone top 6.

CDL Recap

CDL Seattle wasn’t the best one on the year, as COD continues with the offline tournaments being in the midst of COVID-19. However, there is some news to come from this weekend. The Guerrillas won their third match on the year after coming into the weekend with only two. Paris continues to struggle as for the second straight home series they fail to win a match (now 0-4 in their last 4). In two weeks, June 5-7, CDL Minnesota kicks off as 5 of the top teams along with the bottom 3 teams square off.

Come back here next week for my power rankings post-CDL Seattle

See you in two weeks for a recap of CDL Minnesota.

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