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OC Alex Van Pelt: Baker Asking Every Right Question

New Browns offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt had a virtual press conference with the local media on Wednesday. Van Pelt touched on the installation of the new offense, footwork, Baker Mayfield’s leadership role, golf apps, and new additions to the offense. He also talked about Baker bringing some of the skill players to Austin for an independent workout.

Installation and Footwork

The first question asked of Van Pelt was about the changes in Baker’s footwork and the installation of the new offense.

In response to the installation, Van Pelt stated, “For the installation of the offense, obviously, it is different for everybody this year, but I think we as a group have done a good job of understanding what we are trying to get accomplished. Baker has been asking every right question that we have. At the end of the day, we get together for live meetings. There are some recorded portions of the installation that go out, and you always get feedback from Baker, from (QB) Case (Keenum) and the quarterbacks. They do a good job. I think anything that is not clear to them, they get it cleared up in that meeting before the end of the day is over, and then they move onto the new information that we are installing the next day.”

Regarding the changes to footwork:

“As far as the footwork goes, that is the part that you can actually coach over the internet, which is cool. The quarterbacks sending the videos of their footwork to me, I can now go back, break it down, and get on a one-on-one Zoom meeting with them and kind of coach them through the correction process of all the footwork we are going to use.”

Golf App

Van Pelt also talked about a golf app he has used to help analyze and teach the footwork virtually. He also made sure to state it did not help improve his golf game. He does not see that getting any better, no matter the amount of help.

“The technology I got was from a golf lesson I had 10 years ago where they use this app that I still use to this day, and you can really slow-mo and break it down, and you can draw on the app, as well. It gives me the ability to share my screen with Baker, watch his feet, and really you can zoom all the way into just the feet and you can talk about each step, the position of each step, and the length of each step. It is actually a pretty cool tool. It is the first time I had really used it extensively to teach footwork, but it has been useful.”

Baker as a Leader

Van Pelt Made it very clear that he is happy with Baker as the leader of this team. Here is Van Pelt on the leadership of Baker Mayfield.

“For starters, I think Baker is keen on it. He has done everything I would expect from him as a starting quarterback. His work ethic is great. He jumps into other meetings that are not required, and he will sit in the receiver meetings when they have them and will sit in running back meetings from time to time, as well. He is all in. He is doing exactly how we expect him to do it. 

Van Pelt also talked about the excitement regarding the new additions to the offense.

“As far as the standpoint of our offense and people we have added, obviously, extremely excited about the additions to the offense through free agency and through the draft. Hats off to the scouting department for bringing those people in. I thought we hit it out of the park there. Extremely excited about what we have. I can’t wait to get together to see it all unfold in person. If you just look at the players that we have acquired and people we have added, I think that you would say our side of the ball, we look like we are in pretty good shape from a personnel standpoint. Just excited to get in front of these guys and get to know better as people.”

Had to ask about OBJ

Van Pelt
Van Pelt

The last question brought up to Van Pelt from ESPN Cleveland’s Tony Grossi was Odell Beckham Jr.‘s participation and commitment. Here is what Van Pelt had to say about OBJ.

“He is all in. He has bought in. He has been there, and it is awesome. It is good to have him there. It is good for him. He obviously needs to learn this system but to have him involved and everybody involved, everybody’s attendance has been outstanding and that is a tribute to Kevin and the guys that are buying into the program.”

The new Browns leadership seems to be making the right impression so far this offseason. Even with the challenges that COVID has placed, it sounds as though they are getting through to the players. Of course, this is still the honeymoon phase in another offseason of change, so the positive outlook is expected. Cleveland fans have seen this song and dance before. Every new coach has promised change and talked a good game for the last 13 years only to fail. In the end, the only change that will matter is having more wins than losses when the 2020 season ends.

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