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Ahsan Asadullah- A monster in the Atlantic Sun

Being able to interview a player in any sport is something everyone dreams of. Especially if that player is a powerhouse in their respective conference. Recently I was able to get in touch with Lipscomb’s own Ahsan Asadullah who is the big man for the Bisons. Asadullah had himself a monstrous sophomore campaign in 2019-20 where he averaged 18.6 points, 10.1 rebounds and 3.9 assists per game.

The big man finished second in points and points per game in the ASun, second in rebounds per game, and was also second in total assists in the conference with 122. One interesting fact that I found out on Ahsan was that he also finished second in post up points per game in the country, only trailing Iowa big man Luka Garza. The list ends with Ahsan landing on first team all conference at the conclusion of the season. This list was a main topic of our conversation, so lets get right into what we talked about.

Thoughts on his season

Q: You ended the year in the ASUN second in points per game at 18.6, second in points overall with 576, second in rebounds per game with 10.1, first in total rebounds with 312 and second in total assists with 122. You also were second in the nation in points per game in post ups at 8.9, only trialing Luka Garza. Lastly, you finished first team all conference. Looking back on your year how would you describe your personal achievements?

A: Looking back at everything I’ve accomplished this year I definitely feel like it was a successful year personally. Obviously our team didn’t achieve the goal we wanted, winning the conference championship, but I feel that during the off-season and preseason the hard work I put in paid off and it showed during the season.

His role on the team

Q: You ended the year with 12 20+ point games with your season high being 40 points in the Atlantic Sun semi final tournament game. Did you feel like as the year went on you were looked at as the “go to” player or the leader? How do you control the pressure of that type of role?

A: As the year went on I definitely felt like I started to embrace the role as the go to player for our team. Honestly I didn’t feel much pressure because my teammates and my coaches did a great job showing that they trusted me and that they were going to have my back whether I’m dominating or whether I’ve made a mistake.

The team bond

Q: Lipscomb ended the year .500, 16-16 on the year and 9-7 inside of the conference. What was the vibe like inside of the locker room at the start of the year and as the season progressed?

A: We started the season a little rough, losing a lot of key games but I think we showed a lot of resilience as we overcame adversity. In the locker room we never felt like we were going to give up and we stayed a family and just kept pushing. Once we got to conference play and conference playoffs we felt like a whole new team.

Quarantine lifestyle

Q: What is one thing that quarantine made you work on the most? How many days did you train a week and how long per day?

A: During quarantine I worked a lot on my body and my conditioning. I’ve had access to a gym as well and I’ve been working on my jump-shot and face up game. My normal workout schedule is Monday through Saturday, on court workouts for about an hour and a half 3-4 days a week, weights 3 days a week, and some form of conditioning every day.

Ahsan’s personal outlook

Q: Can you list one or a couple things that we will see different or improved from you come November? What are some of your goals for next season?

A: I believe this season I’ll show a more versatile side of my game, involving more shooting and putting the ball on the floor more. Personally I want to win player of the year, and just get my name out there more by dominating as much as possible.

2020-21 team outlook

Q: What are the expectations for the 2020-21 Lipscomb squad?

A: My expectations for the team would be winning the conference, beating high major schools during non conference play, and winning some games in the NCAA tournament.

I am so thankful and humbled that I was able to conduct an interview with Ahsan. After talking with him I can really tell that even with the type of season he had, he is still hungry and is always looking to improve not only on his game but his body as well. I can not wait to see him back out on the court come November and see more dominance from him in the Atlantic Sun conference. I want to personally thank Ahsan for this amazing opportunity and wish him the best of luck in the future.

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