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Toronto Six Reveal Jerseys for 2020-21 Season

The NWHL’s Toronto Six have revealed their jerseys for their inaugural NWHL season.

After teasing the jerseys for a couple of days, the team made the big reveal.

The red jersey will be their home jersey, the black will be their away jersey, and the white jersey will be their alternate jersey. The team opted to go away from the standard coloured for home, white for away template.

For their main jerseys, the team went for a simplistic design, but they opted for a more complex alternate jersey, decorated with maple leaves, stars, and the name of the city.

Here’s what it looks like modeled on Six star Shiann Darkangelo.

And another look:

The jerseys have had mixed reactions. It seems you’re either madly in love with them, or think they’re absolute garbage, but the consensus seems to be that the jerseys are SICK.

My Thoughts

I wanted to take a closer look at each jersey, as there’s quite a bit to unpack here.

Via @TheTorontoSix on Twitter

The Home Jersey: 7/10

I love the red home jerseys, I’m just not 100% sold on them… yet.

The Six opt for a simplistic look here. A red base for the majority of the jersey, the forearms black with a stripe of gold and white around the gold. The gold collar outline, plus the Canada flag and “6ix” patch on all of the jerseys are nice touches.

With the home jerseys, the Toronto Six do a good job of solving one of their biggest questions surrounding the jerseys. Not looking like the Ottawa Senators.

While you could argue that there’s still a resemblance, I think they look more like a mix of the Senators and Calgary Flames instead, not a copy of the Sens.

However, I still struggle to give them more than a 7. The simplistic design was probably the best route to go, but it still leaves a bit more to be desired. The entire body of the jersey is just red. Personally, I would’ve liked to see a bit more gold near the bottom of the jersey.

Via @TheTorontoSix on Twitter

The Away Jersey: 8.5/10

The away jerseys are CLEAN. They essentially follow the same template as the home jerseys, but they switch red for black, with golden forearms on the sleeves, and a black stripe on the sleeve surrounded by two white lines.

It just suits the team so well. It eliminates any concern that the team looks like the Senators and they’re just so neat. They’re so unique and they use the team’s colours so well.

So… why not a 9 or a 10? 

I want to see more! For these jerseys, unlike the home jerseys, I know exactly what I wanted to see.

I wanted to see the team incorporate their golden maple leaf. The one featured in the centre of their logo. Whether it’s a row of them at the bottom, or just shoulder patches, or even around the bottom of the sleeves.

Via @TheTorontoSix on Twitter

The Alternate Jersey: 4/10

Yeah… I’m not digging the alternate jersey. For the previous two jerseys, I’ve been harping on about adding more to the jerseys. With this one… I think it’s too much.

The jersey has a white base, featuring six golden stripes on each sleeve, and grey watermark-like stars, maple leaves, and the word “Toronto”.

I love the idea… just not the execution. The jersey features a grey shoulder area and border, but the body has almost a rectangle cutout to feature the design. 

My take? Either ditch the complex design in the middle, keeping that grey, but keeping the design on the sleeve. Or go all in, don’t limit the design to the rectangle, get rid of the grey on the sides, and let it take over.

The jersey has so much potential, it’s just not great, but I think it can be.

What do you think about the jerseys? I’m looking forward to seeing them on the ice, whenever that may be.

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Toronto Six Jerseys

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