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Interview with ETSU guard Patrick Good

Within the past week or so I have come up with a personal goal of trying to get interviews with at least one person from each of the conferences in college basketball. With one of my first interviews after thoughtfully putting together this goal, I was able to land ETSU guard Patrick Good.

Good had himself a pretty good junior season with the Buccaneers averaging 7.5 points, 2.3 rebounds and 1.7 assists while shooting at a 37% clip from the floor in a minutes restricted season. Patrick has not played all three of his years at ETSU, but originally played for Appalachian State his freshman year before transferring over to ETSU. We talked about his thought process of transferring and many other topics as well, so here is what we were able to talk about.

App St over to ETSU

Q: You started out at Appalachian State and averaged 7 points in 22 minutes while shooting at a 41% clip from beyond the arc. What was the thought process of leaving App St and transferring over to ETSU

A: Just being able to find a situation where i could excel on the court. I learned so much from my freshman year experience at app state, learning the margin for error and winning and losing was critical.

Goals for 2019-20

Q: What was your overall goal going into the 2019-20 season? What did you want to improve on personally and team wise?

A: Southern conference champ. I feel that the year before at 24-10, we underachieved and felt we could have won some more close games. Personally I wanted to knock down big shots and play a huge consistent role on our team.

What was your role?

Q: You dropped in minutes a little going into 2019-20. What was the role like sacrificing minutes but with the minutes you played you knew you needed to be at your best? Is there sort of an advantage to that?

A: Coach emphasized that someone was going to have to sacrifice their time and minutes on the team. I didn’t perform well during the middle of the season, I just knew when it was going to be a clutch situation that i would still succeed at a high level.

Rolling into the postseason

Q: You dropped a season high 26 points on February 29th shooting 8-17 from the field and 7-14 from 3. What did it feel like playing that well in your final regular season game of the year knowing it could carry over to a very important part of the year?

A: That game will go down as one of the best played inside of Freedom Hall (senior night and conference outright champs on the line). Just knowing all of the “pressure” and hype that built up to this game. I live for those moments and my teammates believed in me the whole season. I couldn’t let them down.

ETSU team bonding

Q: Team wise, ETSU finished 30-4 overall and 16-2 inside of the Southern Conference. What kind of bond did this specific team have that you clicked so well, and how far do you think ETSU would have gone in the NCCA tournament knowing you could be a very dangerous team?

A: The team chemistry was unlike anything I have ever seen. We were so bought in as a collective group from the summer until the very end. Our team would have been on a lot of brackets. We had so much swagger heading into post season, thinking about it makes me emotional. I love my squad.

Covid-19 news

Q: I can only imagine what the feeling was like when the conference tournaments were canceled. What was the vibe like inside of the locker room when you heard the news?

A: Well we finished our conference tourney, so that was a blessing in itself. Many teams and conferences were not fortunate enough to be able to do so.

Being stuck at home

Q: During quarantine what did you work on the most? From a fans perspective what will we see out of you next season that would be improved from this past season?

A: Building my body back to game shape. During quarantine I have consistently been lifting, running and working out. Personally I want to be in the best shape possible. I can see myself as more of an offensive threat and able to attack more off the bounce. I don’ like to talk too much, my improvements will be seen when its game time come November.

2020-21 ETSU outlook

Q: What are your expectations for the 2020-21 Buccaneers team?

A: Our expectations are to get better every single day. Obviously we have a winning culture and winning championships are our ultimate goal every single year. And i feel we can make that run if we stick together, work hard everyday, embrace the grind and respect the coaches’ game plans.

This was a great way to start interviews. I really liked a lot of Patrick’s answers and the way he talked about them. Some of answers that really stuck out to me were about him trimming down on some minutes and also what we should look for while watching him next season.

Starting with the first one, most players would be pretty disappointing in the lack of minutes they are getting, but Patrick embraced that and trusted his coaches and teammates and he ended up doing what he had to do for the team. And lastly, I really liked his answer about next year. He gave us a little insight on what we can look for, but gave nothing away. He wants you to watch and have it be a surprise.

This was another really fun interview to hold, and I personally want to thank Patrick again for giving me his time and answering my questions. I hope all the best for you in the future and cannot wait to see you hit the floor come November.

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