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Interview with Anthony Ratliff-Williams

A 3-star quarterback recruited out of High School, Anthony Ratliff-Williams committed to the University of North Carolina. At UNC he would switch from quarterback to receiver, racking up 69 catches for 1,631 yards and 2 touchdowns. Ratliff-Williams would then go undrafted in 2019 and signed with the Titans. After being cut by the Titans, Ratliff-Williams got a second chance with the Las Vegas Raiders and hopes to make the roster this year. He was also nice enough to answer some of my questions. Here are his responses.

High School to NFL

Libby: In all your years playing football what has been your favorite memory?

Williams: In 8th grade, my youth football team won a national championship in Florida and I went on to play in the all-star game. The all-star game was in Tampa and I actually played in the Rays baseball stadium. It was a great experience to be 14 and in an environment like that. I was around guys like Jadeveon Clowney. I was in the younger group of all americans and they were in the older group. It was a really amazing experience, I learned so much about the game and the opportunities it brings you. When you bite in there are rewards that you get, so going into High School I wanted to be like Jadeveon Clowney because I’ve seen those guys succeed at the High School level going into college.

 Libby: What made you decide to transition from playing QB in high school to WR in college?

Ratliff-Williams: The lack of opportunities that were presented to me. We had a great quarterback room at the time, Mitch Trubisky, Marquise Williams, Nathan Eliott. At the time the 3 spot was slipping off and I felt that I was able to put forth more to the team at the time, I didn’t wait. Before one of our games against South Carolina I scouted for Pharoh Cooper, who plays receiver. My offensive coordinator noticed it and took a liking to it. I ended up talking to my quarterback coach and wide receiver coach to see what I could do. We discussed a plan and the best way to map it out. I took the proper steps to become a great receiver and I still go through those steps to this day to be the best I can possibly be.

Libby: Did you ever have any regrets from switching to receiver from quarterback?

Ratliff-Williams: Every now and then but I don’t lose my sleep over it.

Libby: Why did you choose North Carolina over top schools like Clemson and Mississippi State?

Ratliff-Williams: Ultimately I would probably say comfort and being able to play in my home state, in front of my family as much as possible. As Well as coach Fedora and his staff who were all great. It was everything I needed. The comfort of it all was huge, the coaching staff, role I wanted to play, academics, it all plays a pivotal point in the decision making. It’s a beautiful place, beautiful, stadium and our fans are like no other.

Libby: What was your thought process going into the draft?

Ratliff-Williams: My thought process at the time was concise. I was a redshirt junior with the fourth-year option, I was about to graduate, coach Savage just got fired. There were a lot of mixed pieces. With my coaching staff being gone there would be a potential time for a restart. Whatever decision I made I would have to run with it. In doing so I had to sit back and process that decision correctly and I feel like I did that. I don’t regret my decisions at all though because of where it brought me and the lessons that came with it.

Libby: What was it like not to hear your name called on draft day?

Ratliff-Williams: It hurt and definitely left a scar in my heart, but a chip on my shoulder. I understand that it’s a business and those things you can take to personel. So when it is my time I can show the world that I could do it all along. No hard feelings but definitely keeping that chip on my shoulder. No matter what coming from the undrafted spot you appreciate the experience.

Rapid Fire Questions

Libby: Favorite football player?

Ratliff-Williams: Randy Moss

Libby: Favorite movie?

Ratliff-Williams: Just Mercy

Libby: Favorite food?

Ratliff-Williams: Chicken Wings

Libby: Who do you model your game after?

Ratliff-Williams: No one really. I want to be my own self, my own player.

Libby: DB you want to face the most?

Ratliff-Williams: Stephon Gilmore

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