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Taurean Prince Needs to Step up for the Brooklyn Nets

With the recent news of Wilson Chandler and DeAndre Jordan electing to sit out the remainder of the season in Orlando, Taurean Prince is going to become that much more important for the Brooklyn Nets.

Taurean Prince:

Prince boasts solid averages of 12.1 points per game and 34 percent shooting from three, but when you look deeper into some of his numbers, there are some red flags.

Since the beginning of February, the 6’7″ forward has made just 27.8 percent of his three-point attempts. It was 17 games, so that’s a pretty big sample size to warrant some concern.

On defense, it doesn’t get much better for him, as he gives up 1.00 point per possession when he’s guarding a player in isolation, which puts him in the 33rd percentile. There are plenty of wings who love to take the ball to the basket in isolation, so that’s definitely an area Prince needs to get better at.

When he guards the pick-and-roll, he’s basically no help at all, as he ranks in the 14th percentile when it comes to guarding the primary ball-handler, and in the 0.4th percentile when guarding the roll man. Yikes.

To be fair, he has been playing out of position at power forward all season long, but it doesn’t fully excuse him for some of the bad stretches of shooting he’s had this season and for not holding his own on defense.

A player that stands with a 6’7″ and 218 pound frame should be more than good enough to hold their own as a prototypical 3-and-D in the NBA, and Prince is going to need to show he can be that type of player if he wants to continue to have success on a contending team in this league.

Now, with players dropping out due to the coronavirus pandemic, it is up to Prince to take full advantage of this opportunity and get back to playing good basketball on both ends of the floor.

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