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The Best Road for Dak Prescott is Unique

The best road for Dak Prescott is a road less traveled but is necessary. Dak Prescott was not able to sign a long-term deal when the deadline hit July 15th. How can Dak Prescott take advantage of the situation at hand?

The best road is not the easy road

The most logical next step after a rookie contract is to get the big long-term deal. This will not happen but there are advantages to getting what he wants later. Prescott has been wanting a five to six year deal with the same pay as Patrick Mahomes (which is 45 million a year). Jerry Jones thinks he is worth 35 million and wants a four year deal. Obviously the yearly amount is wishful thinking at this time.

Dak Prescott has been arguing for a year now about why everyone around him has gotten paid before him. Usually the organization pays the franchise quarterback first and then builds off that. Dak is in an extremely unique situation.

The best road for Dak Prescott

The next step

The next step is to play under the tag that will make him 31.3 million guaranteed. The Dallas Cowboys have already paid his weapons, his protection, and a manageable defense. In the offseason they decided to get a head coach Mike McCarthy witch has superbowl experience.

Mike McCarthy could make the difference in Dak’s development into a great quarterback. Former head coach Jason Garrett just got him to the level of a solid quarterback. Getting Prescott to the next level during the tag year could get him his huge deal next offseason. All the cards are now in his favor to not just win a championship but also get that huge deal.


Dak Prescott is almost on the road to greatness but he needs to take the next step to accomplish this. He already has shown he is a leader. He has been past the first round of the playoffs. For his career he has 97 tds and 36 interceptions with a 97 passer rating. He doesn’t carrying drama in the locker room or off the field. His stats outweigh what Carson Wentz has done in almost every category. All he needs is that big season where everything rides on his shoulders.

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