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Interview with UC Santa Barbra star Amadou Sow

Amadou Sow ended the shortened season with some season long achievements. At seasons end he was able to declare himself an All Big West second team selection. His sophomore season was a pretty impressive one. Sow saw his stats make a jump from his freshman to sophomore year. He averaged 14.1 points and 7 rebounds a game in 2019-20.

Amadou and I were able to chat about his season achievements, what he improved on and much more.

Amadou talks about his season accolades

Q: You averaged 14.1 points and 7 rebounds a game your sophomore year. That was a jump from the 12.2 points a game you averaged your freshman year. You also landed on the Big West all conference second team. Looking back on the year, how would you describe your season?

A: Looking back on my season I would say I had a decent season. I personally I had lot of ups and downs in my personal life away from basketball, and I think that affected my playing in many of my games throughout the season. I learned a lot about myself and my game throughout the season.

Off-season work

Q: By the looks of it, you jumped up 20% in three point shooting from 20% to 38% last season. Was that the biggest thing you worked on in the off-season? What other things did you try and focus on?

A: I work on my shot a lot during the off-season. I was not surprised to make that jump. Working on the 3 ball was on of my focus. I think the biggest thing was being able to defend multiple positions to get an edge on other teams.

Amadou talks his role on the team

Q: Going back to your three point shooting, with the 38% you shot from beyond the arc, what did you see your role as on the team this season?

A: I had different roles on my team. Some nights my team needed me to play well on the defensive end more than on the offensive end. Sometimes it’s both so I just had to adjust. With that I think my role was to defend, score and rebound.

UC Santa Barbra team bonding

Q: UC Santa Barbra finished second in the Big West behind UC Irvine. You guys finished the year 21-10 overall and 10-6 inside of the Big West. What was the bond like inside of the locker room, and do you think a lot of the games you lost should have been won?

A: We had an ok season. Definitely had a great bond as a team. We treated each other like brothers and it was a family environment all season long. With our record I think there were many games we should have won easily. But those losses helped us better down the stretch. They were all defining moment for the team and everyone part of the team.

Quarantine work

Q: What is something that will be improved on from quarantine and just the off-season in general? What can a fan see differently from you next season?

A: I have been working on every aspect of my game during this off-season. I have been working my perimeter game as well as my inside game. I’m very excited to share what I’ve been working on with our fans. Fans can expect to see a much better, faster and smarter version of myself next season.

2020-21 team expectations

Q: What is the expectation for the 2019-20 Gauchos?

A: We have high expectations as team and as individuals. We want to do big things. Win the conference, win the conference tournament and make a big run in the NCAA tournament in March.

I want to personally thank Amadou for letting me take some of his time away from working out to answer some of the questions I had for him. I wish him all the best going into his junior season, and I hope to see him on the floor come November.

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