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ONE: No Surrender Previews: Sittichai vs Superbon III

Sittichai vs. Superbon

The nuances that separate Kickboxing and Muay Thai are often ignored by the majority of even dedicated combat sports fans and fighters because of the many similarities between the two sports.

This leads Kickboxers and Muay Thai fighters to attempt to transition and compete in both sports simultaneously.

But as history has shown, very few actually pull it off and even less actually find lasting success.

The fight that we’ll be looking at today features two of those rare fighters who not only excelled in Muay Thai but dominated Kickboxing as well, as we take a look at Sittichai vs Superbon III.

A Glorious Champion

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong Sittichai vs Superbon
Sittichai Sitsongpeenong via MF News.

Sittichai Sitsongpeenong is best known for being the most dominant Lightweight Champion in GLORY Kickboxing history.

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After defeating Robin van Roosmalen in 2016 to win the title, Sittichai defended it six times over the next two years.

His kickboxing resume includes wins over Andy Souwer, Davit Kiria, Dzhabar Askerov, Fabio Pinca, Jonay Risco, as well as going 4-1 against the current Glory Champion Marat Grigorian.

His stellar record in the sport is also constantly validated with awards.

He’s done everything that can be done in the world of Kickboxing. To add a title in ONE Super Series seems to be only a matter of time.

What makes Sittichai different from his Thai compatriots is he’s embraced the Western philosophy of combat sports.

Rather than displaying his mastery of the art, he pushes to finish opponents without quarter.

He’s also outgrown the Thai habit of starting slow, so he can either match or outpace his opponents from the opening bell.

These mental weapons will be his biggest weapons against not just Superbon, but all the other Thais in the division.

Superman Superbon

Sittichai vs Superbon
Superbon Banchamek via Asian MMA.

Though not as decorated as his opponent, Superbon Banchamek is no stranger to the top tier of Kickboxing.

Winning tournaments in Kunlun Fight and Enfusion, Superbon has amassed his own respectable record of foreign victims.

He has wins over Davit Kiria, Cedric Manhoef, Dzanis Zuev, Mohamed Khamal, Umar Semata and Artem Pashporin.

Most people attribute Superbon’s success to his mentor, the legendary Buakaw. Under the Banchamek name, Superbon only took four years to rise to the top of the Kickboxing scene.

When learning from someone of that caliber, as well as defeating numerous notables in the sport it’s hard not to feel confident going up against anybody.

That will be his key to victory.

Who Takes It?

ONE: No Surrender will be the third time these two will face each other in an official match.

Sittichai took the first fight via 2nd round knockout when they met in the Semi-finals of the 2015 Kunlun Fight World MAX Tournament.

But Superbon avenged that loss via Decision a year later in the Final 8 of that same tournament.

These fights were before Sittichai’s run of dominance in GLORY Kickboxing and before Superbon’s stint in Enfusion.

Superbon may feel comfortable against Sittichai because of the many times they faced each other in the past. But Sittichai may just be hitting his stride in the midst of his prime.

Look for the GLORY Champion to try and finish the fight early.

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Sittichai vs Superbon

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