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Martha Ford Steps Down: My Two Cents

In a stunning turn of events last month, news broke that Detroit Lions owner Martha Firestone-Ford is stepping down. She will be replaced by her daughter, Sheila Ford-Hemp. Who has shadowed Martha at many league meetings, and other team events.

Sheila is a competitor and made it know she wants to win, and win now. She won a state championship in the state of Michigan at the age of 17 in Tennis before going to play Tennis at Yale university.


Shiela will be taking over the team in her own style. After learning from her mother how to run the team over the last two years, Shiela told reporters she will be a very hands-on owner. She said she is dedicated to winning and turning the team around. She added, “No one hates losing more than we do.” Some fans may disagree as some of them have not seen a winning franchise in some time.”

She went on to say that she will lead to the Lions to more use of analytics, and will allow her general manager and head coach to make the football decisions. She has already started keeping her word by hiring Caio Brighenti into the front office as an analytic personnel.

Sheila Ford-Hemp said she has no hit list like Martha had when she took over the team four years ago. But she did say she expects results this upcoming season and will make changes as needed. With this move help the Lions? Will Shiela take that Lions to a place Martha could only dream? Only time will tell.

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