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It’s Time to Ball Y’all: Heat vs Nuggets Restart Preview

It has been 141 days since our Miami Heat graced the hardwood floor. It has been 4+ painful, long months without Miami Heat basketball that counted. Today vs the Nuggets on ESPN @1pm that all changes. Miami is back, healthy and ready to wreck havoc down in the Disney World Bubble. Here is everything you need to know about the Heat’s restart in their 1st game vs Denver.

Miami’s Here and Healthy

If the playoffs were scheduled to be on time this may not be the case. But, now that it is August 1st, Miami’s starters and role players are all ready, willing and able. Back in March, the Heat were having key role players miss time due to injuries. Guys like Herro, Leonard and even guys with nagging injuries like Jones Jr. and Dragic would not be at 100%. Now they have had time to relax, workout and get plenty of time off. Miami is as close to 100% as a team could be as no guys opted out because of COVID-19 concerns.

Takeaways from the Scrimmages

We watched Miami play 3 40 minute scrimmages. They went 1-2, but everyone knows the wins and losses do not mean much. It is about how the players looked after a 4 month hiatus. Bam Adebayo did not play till the last scrimmage and Jimmy Butler only played limited minutes in games 1 and 3. However, in those limited minutes between the two all-stars they looked good. I think it will take 2 or 3 seeding games to get their real footing down but it was promising. In other news, Duncan Robinson is still a sniper and did not miss a beat. In 3 scrimmage games, he was lights out, shooting 9 of 18 from downtown. Jae Crowder still looks like the guy Miami traded for, a great 3 and D guy and Andre Iguodala the more he plays on the court with his Heat teammates the better he will get. Overall, despite the record very positive signs from the scrimmages.

It’s Time to Ball Y’all

With the scrimmages down and the seeding games starting we all know what that means. It is time to hit the court and ball out. The team is healthy, the schedule may be a bit tough but Miami loves the challenge and competition. Miami will play 8 games like the rest of the league and only the Suns have a losing record (next closest being the Pacers AT 39-26). It will be competitive but Miami will be ready. They are being called the biggest sleeper to dethrone the Bucks and they have already beat them twice this season. Miami resumes action on Saturday and gets right into it against a very healthy and very scary Nuggets team.

Nuggets is a Tough 1st Game

Speaking of the Nuggets, let’s highlight them real quick. First off, they are dangerous. They are fully rested, all healthy, a top 3 seed in the West and it looks like Jokic is in his best from yet. OH MY! This a Nuggets squad that in one of their scrimmage games used Jokic at Point and had everyone on the court was over 6’8. This and they still have a dynamic real PG in Jamal Murray. They also have an experienced core with guys like Grant, Millsap and Will Barton. Then they have two young guys in Michael Porter Jr. and Bol Bol who may not see all that much playing time but are insanely athletic as well as electric. This is a scary team and a real tough but good challenge for Miami’s first seeding game.

As a Heat fan, I have to go with they will win in their first game back in 4 months. But, win or lose it will not be easy by any means. Denver is young yet experienced and talented. On the side of Miami, I expect for Jimmy to be a real leader now as these are the last 8 warmup games before the real NBA playoffs ramp up in 2-3 weeks. It’s Time to Ball Y’all!

Man am I excited for sports to be back and can’t wait to watch this one. I know it has been a while, but I am back as much as the Heat are. Look out for game recaps, more player profiles and much, much more. Also, if you are a Call of Duty or eSports fan be on the lookout for some of those articles as they move on their way to Playoffs and Champs with over $4 million dollars up for grabs.

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