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Yankees 2020 Season to Date: The Positives and Negatives


We have been through almost seven games in the shortened MLB season. Despite the recent cases of COVID, I couldn’t be happier that baseball is back. For the New York Yankees, these past five games have been good, but not great. With a 4-1 record, there have been things that have impressed me, but this season has had many issues too. These small issues could hurt the Yankees if the season doesn’t go, it’s full 60 games. If the season does finish, there will be issues that could hurt them in a playoff run. Let’s look over what the positives and negatives are in the 2020 season so far for the 2020 New York Yankees.

Positive Takeaways

First, how about Gerrit Cole‘s first two starts? Cole has struck out 12 batters in two games. He threw one complete game against the Washington Nationals, however, Cole isn’t perfect as he has given up four runs and five hits. Cole has that mentality, which I like. If he is not satisfied, with a start, even if it’s great, he wants to do better. That’s what I like to see in a Yankees ace. I also see relievers are helping lock down wins.

Britton has done a great job taking over for Aroldis Chapman. Jonathan Loaisiga has also been doing great. As for the batting, Giancarlo Stanton is the best player right now. It’s almost like once the fans are gone, Stanton can play so much better. Stanton has eight hits so far in 6 games. DJ LeMahieu‘s second season with the Yankees has also started strong with seven hits in four games. I love seeing LeMahieu hit. I’m glad these are all very great positives. Now it’s time to focus on the negatives

The Most Negative Parts So Far

Gary Sanchez and Brett Gardner have been two big problems for the Yankees so far. Both of them have yet to record a hit this season. Combined, they have 17 strikeouts now. With Sanchez, this isn’t a big deal because he can get out of a bad streak as he has before. However, Gardner’s issues with the plate are because of his age. Furthermore, it’s still very early, so maybe they both will get out of their skids eventually. But if Gardner doesn’t get out of his slump soon, we could see the last of Brett Gardner‘s career.

The pitching has also had many issues this season. Two starting pitchers either cost, or almost cost, tha Yanks. Against the Nationals, Paxton had an awful 2nd inning where he failed to record an out. Next, J.A. Happ, took a 5-0 lead against the Baltimore Orioles and made it 5-4 in two innings. But which one could improve? I believe James Paxton improves, due to being one of the best Yankees’ pitchers last year. For J.A. Happ, though, he hasn’t been playing well. It makes me think the Yankees should’ve gone hard for Patrick Corbin.


MLB can try to play their 60-game season if they can. If that should happen, the Yankees need to improve on many things. But that still doesn’t mean there aren’t amazing things about this team’s season so far. There’s been good batting by DJ and Stanton, and good outings by some of the pitchers.

As I said, there are improvements to be made. Gardner and Sanchez need to bat better, and they need to see the starting rotation to improve. The yankees cannot, and must not, rely on Gerrit Cole the whole time. Once everyone comes together, the Yankees may finally get a WS ring again. Always remember to look for the positives for the New York Yankees!

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