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BREAKING: Mike Soroka Injured, Helped off Field

The Atlanta Braves finished up their series with the Mets Monday, which will now be highlighted by a devastating injury. Atlanta’s ace and young star, Mike Soroka, was helped off the field with an apparent leg injury. After landing awkwardly after a pitch in the third inning, the 22 year old quickly went down clutching his leg. Soroka was expected to carry a heavy load for the Braves this year. That may all be blown up in flames, as the injury looks serious. 


Soroka was unable to walk off on his own power after the fall. Speculations immediately followed thereafter with many suggesting an Achilles tear. This would obviously be a season ending incident for Soroka and possibly be a playoff crusher for Atlanta. 

The Braves already have pitching woes beforehand heading into the season. Cole Hamels was unable to play due to his ongoing injury. And once an Atlanta star, Mike Foltynewicz was listed as DFA after a disappointing turn of events. 

Furthermore, leg injuries of any kind are always difficult for any pitcher to overcome. Soroka, on an evident path to stardom, will now have a huge hurdle to deal with. More so, however, what will Atlanta do with this gaping hole in their rotation? Max Fried will have an enormous increased role, as he has been a bright spot thus far. You also have to wonder if some outside help is going to be brought in to aid the potential playoff contenders.

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