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BREAKING: Stephen Strasburg Injured; Out For the Season

The Washington Nationals season just keeps getting worse. After a 9-13 start where they had issues with Juan Soto and COVID-19. This sort of news is a huge blow. The Washington Nationals recently resigned starter Stephen Strasburg is now injured and will be out for the remainder of the season. He was out due to carpal tunnel syndrome, but it was revealed today that the surgery for it is season-ending. This is a devastating blow to the Nationals and their postseason hopes.

Making Him Look Like the Wrong Signing

The Nationals, this offseason, chose Stephen Strasburg over Anthony Rendon. Rather than giving their star 3B a huge contract, they went with World Series MVP Stephen Strasburg. This was despite the injury history Strasburg had in his entire career. Anthony Rendon was injured at the start of the year, but afterward, he got red hot. A 188 wRC+ and walking way more than he strikes out speaks for itself. With how the Nats offense has struggled, having Rendon right now would be a huge help.

Trying To Replace Stephen Strasburg

The Washington Nationals need to make a trade for a pitcher or look in-house for an option. I think they have options to trade for, just not the farm system to get a high-dollar pitcher. This is a difficult decision for the Washington Nationals but now it’s crunch time. They aren’t getting any younger, and they need to get their replacement.

Dashing the Nationals’ Postseason Hopes

I don’t like being Debbie Downer here, but this definitely makes things a lot more interesting, to say the least. The once-formidable starting staff now looks weak. Their lineup looks mediocre at best. Their bullpen has been a nice surprise but it’s certainly not an elite unit. This team needs to be aggressive with this trade deadline, but they have a weak farm system. They have a lot of holes and very few ways to plug them.

The Washington Nationals losing Stephen Strasburg hurts, but they’ll have to get through it.

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