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Cheap Seats Chatter: Central Divisions Final Push in 2020

It’s hard to believe, but a season that most thought would never even get started has less than one week to go, and the central divisions are putting on quite the show, as they make their final push. In this episode of Overtime Heroics’ Baseball podcast, Cheap Seats Chatter, I’m joined by Luke Garrison to discuss the final push for the American and National League Central Divisions.

Table of Contents: The Central Divisions Final Push

As usual, we cover a lot of different ground, so there’s something for any and every MLB fan here, especially if you’re among those who crave Central Division ball. As always, we pre-record the shows, so things like magic numbers and teams who’ve clinched have changed some.

  1. Opening segment: Paying a little homage to Luke’s beloved Yankees.
  2. 2:05: The White Sox are on fire, already clinching a playoff berth.
  3. 8:05: Surprise, the Twins and Indians aren’t who we’d thought they’d be.
  4. 10:43: Breaking down the magic numbers for the American League Central Division as of 9/19/2020.
  5. 11:17: The Twins’ offense and a struggling Josh Donaldson make their final push for the playoffs.
  6. 15:06: How would the Twins fare against the Yankees in October baseball?
  7. 16:39: The Cubs aren’t making a final push, they’re defending their first-place spot. Here are the plusses and minuses of the 2020 Cubs.
  8. 18:28: Will trades and team options make this the Cubs Last Dance?
  9. 26:14: Covering the Cubs rotation and bullpen. Are Yu Darvish and Alec Mills the future of the Cubs starting rotation?
  10. 29:04: Can the Big Red Machine push their way into the postseason?
  11. 30:30: Nick Castellanos and his future with the Reds.
  12. 33:08: National League Central magic numbers as of 9/19/2020.
  13. 33:53: Christian Yelich and the Brewers will have to grind to see the postseason.
  14. 36:45: Can the Cardinals make the final push to get past the Cubs?
  15. 38:35: Cy Young Candidates from the American and National League Central Divisions.
  16. 44:32: NL and AL Central MVP candidates.
  17. 55:30: MLB’s new first-year managers. Who’s the best?
  18. 61:58: Umpire Angel Hernandez strikes again.
  19. 65:32: Nelson Cruz’s ejection after hitting a homer.
  20. 67:55: The last week of the season initiates the ultimate final push.

Stay tuned and make sure to catch next week’s Central Division edition of Cheap Seats Chatter, which will air on September 29th. That show will be recorded following the completion of the regular season, so there’ll be a complete rundown of both of the American and National League Central Divisions.

The last handful of days should prove to be a wild ride for both the American and National League Central Divisions. Suddenly, the playoff spots are filling up fast, with only six of the 16 playoff teams waiting to be decided.

We’ll be looking at the 2020 MLB playoff field, the team seeding, and everything having to do with the 2020 postseason. Things are about to get very interesting. Thus far, the Oakland, Atlanta and the Dodgers are the only ones to have clinched their respective divisions. Only two playoff spots remain in the American League, while the National League has four openings for October hopefuls.

Don’t miss out on the next episode, this is about to get good!

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