Thank You Eli Manning

This weekend the New York Giants will March out onto the field for their third game. The uniforms will be the same. The commentators will sound familiar. Yet, Giants' football will be categorically different going forward. Eli Manning will be relegated to the sidelines. After starting the season with two

Giants Keys To Success Against The Bills

The New York Giants opened up the season with an eye-opening loss to the Dallas Cowboys. To avoid an 0-2 start, the Giants will have to showcase a renewed defensive effort against the Bills. In Week 1, the Giants played poor defense and had trouble converting on third downs. In

New York Giants Standouts and Disappointments Week One

New York Giants

The Giants suffered a blowout loss to the Cowboys to open up the regular season. There weren't many bright spots for big blue during the game, their young defense was taken advantage of as they gave up large chunks of passing yards. Cowboys had pass catches running free all afternoon

AFC South: Each Team’s Path To A Division Title

Which team will walk away the AFC South Champions in the upcoming season? Will Deshaun Watson lead the Texans to a division crown? Can Nick Foles bring his magic to the Jaguars and reclaim the top spot in the division? Read on to find out what the writers at Overtime

AFC East: Each Team’s Path To A Division Title

Can anyone remember the last time the New England Patriots weren't the AFC east champions? Try 2008 when they had the same 11 win record as the Miami Dolphins. Could this be the year that father time catches up with Brady and another team tops the division? Maybe it the