Florida Goes Back to Back and Takes CDL Paris


NY had Florida at the edge of their seats, Florida wiped them clean, reversed swept them, then made FaZe look like a bunch of amateurs. Don’t get me wrong, FaZe is an amazing team, but WOW, they just got smoked in Dom. Yes, there are still many questions. Is this

Florida Mutineers Take Home CDL Minnesota

The last time we saw the Mutineers was at their own home series, CDL Florida, where they went down 0-2 with losses to New York and Minnesota. This time around, they were a perfect 4-0, mustering their way past Chicago, Los Angeles (Guerillas), Dallas and Atlanta. They defeated the top

CDL Seattle Home Series Recap

A tourney with new faces in starting lineups, as well as one without three of the top six teams in the standings, was a rather exciting one. Some Twitter beef between teams, some online ping complaints as well as many triple kills and 40 bombs. CDL Seattle may have not