Inside Player Minds as MLB Clashes with Covid-19

It’s been one week since MLB has called teams back to the field to begin practice. Everyone has opinions, and that narrative amplifies as COVID-19 clashes with the league. It’s the little things that many players are learning not to take for granted. Simple congratulation gestures such as high-fives or

2020 MVP Ronald Acuña

I can already see the eye rolls. "2020 MVP Ronald Acuña Jr.? Really?" Yes. Genuinely. Calm down Nationals fans. Acuña has mastered a somewhat forgotten art in baseball. He plays with an immense swagger. Acuña hits moonshots. He swipes bases. He makes older fans mad. The best part? He clobbers

Red Sox to host Blue Jays for Two Exhibition Matchups

The Red Sox will be hosting the Toronto Blue Jays for two exhibition games on July 21 and 22, the team announced Friday. It will be good for each team to experience some games before actually kicking off the season on the 24th of July. For both games, the first pitch

Blue Jays to Add Austin Martin to 60-Man Roster

The Blue Jays are set to add Austin Martin to their 60-man roster. Manager Charlie Montoyo all but confirmed Martin's arrival on the 60-man roster, saying, "I am looking forward to seeing him play, take BP, catch ground balls and do everything." The best pure hitter from the draft.

Blue Jays Opening Day Roster Predictions

The Toronto Blue Jays will finally begin their 2020 campaign on July 24 against the Tampa Bay Rays. With only 60 games to be played this season, The Blue Jays will have a lot to prove in a short amount of time. As we saw last year, this Toronto Blue Jays