Ryan Garcia, The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Lesson?

In boxing, not only do you not get punished for rabble-rousing and speaking out of turn, but you actually get rewarded for it. The case of 21-year-old lightweight top prospect and future superstar, Ryan “Kingry” Garcia, is the perfect example of that boxing dynamic. Following his second very public spat with promoter

Mayweather Fumes Over Being Ranked Below Pacquiao

Recently, a poll came out on a site called Give Me Sport and it touched off a wave of debate among boxing fans. The goal was to rank the top 30 welterweights of all time. The site tasked the fan-driven site "Ranker" to come up with the rankings and the results

Does Terence Crawford Deserve Pacquiao, Spence, etc.?

WBO welterweight champ Terence Crawford has been beating the drums for a main stage blockbuster welterweight showdown since before he was actually competing at welterweight. And now that he's two years and three defenses into a world title reign, that drum-beating hasn't stopped. "I wanna fight all the big names at

Why Manny Matters: Manny Pacquiao’s Importance, In His Own Words

Why is everyone from lightweight to middleweight eyeballing a shot at Manny Pacquiao? Obviously, it's about money-- as Manny is still one of the sport's biggest draws. It's also about the feat of toppling a legend and piggybacking off that victory. But beating Pacquiao carries a greater weight than beating any