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Broner Battles Mayweather Over Floyd Training Haney

When video emerged of Floyd Mayweather training 21-year-old lightweight world titlist Devin Haney, a bag of worms was opened. Mayweather Promotions star Gervonta “Tank” Davis– also a 20-something lightweight champ– was apparently livid over...


Leaning on Pacquiao: Why Boxing Needs Manny

There’s a lot of uncertainty when it comes to how and when to resume boxing in the Covid-19 world. However, the one sure thing is that fighters and promoters will need big things to...


Mayweather Double-Dealing Draws Ire of “Tank” Davis

When footage emerged of Floyd Mayweather training 21-year-old WBC lightweight titlist, Devin Haney, there was bound to be some pretty significant fallout from within the Mayweather team. You see, Mayweather Promotions star, Gervonta “Tank”...