WLC: Hideout Battle

The Return of the WLC On the 28th of August, we will finally see the return of the world's biggest bare knuckle fighting promotion, the World Lethwei Championship, when they present WLC: Hideout Battle. How can this be topped, I hear you ask? Well, how about a historic main event! For

Who Is up Next for Dave Leduc?

Since making his World Lethwei Championship debut on August 2nd, 2019, the King of Lethwei Dave Leduc has gone from strength to strength. From showcasing his ferocious headbutts, to bringing Lethwei into people's eyes, to broadcasting on Canal+ and UFC Fight Pass, and to his appearance on the Joe Rogan

Dave Leduc Potential Opponents

"The champ doesn’t challenge anyone, he gets challenged." Dave Leduc It has been nearly a year since we last saw the King of Lethwei Dave Leduc competing in a Lethwei bout. On August 2, 2019, Leduc faced UFC veteran Seth Baczynski at WLC 9: King of Nine Limbs in Mandalay, Myanmar. A fight that Leduc won via stoppage

Getting to Know – Sasha Moisa

EARLY DAYS Born in Ukraine, it wasn't until recently that Lethwei came into the life of Oleksandr 'Sasha' Moisa. As an avid martial artist In his early days, Sasha started his martial arts journey through the art of judo. It was at 16 years old that Sasha really found his way