Destined for Greatness Artur Saladiak

Ask any hardened Lethwei fan, about the name Artur Saladiak and its a guarantee it will be greeted by a smile, even amongst the local people of Myanmar, many miles from his home in Ilminster, Artur remains a fan favorite amongst the locals. Known for his 'never say die' attitude,

World Lethwei Championship Potential Matchups

It has been months of uncertainty due to the global pandemic, but finally, on August 28th, 2020, World Lethwei Championship returned. A statement was made in their first event since the lockdown began. In an event named Hideout Battle, we were treated to the first women's championship fight in WLC history

WLC: Hideout Battle – Souris Manfredi Crowned Queen

Souris Manfredi

On Friday, August 28th, 2020, history was made when World Lethwei Championship held the closed-to-public event dubbed WLC: Hideout Battle. This event was a huge success from start to finish! Hideout Battle culminated with French Lethwei superstar Souris Manfredi becoming the inaugural WLC Women's Bantamweight World Champion with an impressive