Andrew Thomas is Best Fit for Browns

The Browns still need a left tackle after the bulk of free agency has ended. Andrew Thomas, if available, is that left tackle in the upcoming NFL draft. Thomas has been an elite left tackle on a nationally ranked team in what has been called the best division of college

Top 100 Prospects in the 2020 NFL Draft

Top 100 Prospects My Top Prospects for 2020 NFL Draft is very different from what you may be used to reading. I understand that not everybody is not going to agree, but let's have some fun, mainly because the NFL draft is so unpredictable. Nobody truly knows what's going to

Grading the Miami Dolphins Free Agency

The Miami Dolphins made a lot of major free agency signings this offseason. I based each player off of stats, achievements, salary, age, film, and injury history.   Byron Jones  Byron Jones signed with the Miami Dolphins on a five year $82.5 million deal with $46 million guaranteed. Jones is currently 27 years old,

Jets Round-By-Round: Second Round

After the highly-anticipated first day for the Jets, their second pick of the 2020 NFL Draft might be even more important. The likelihood of taking an offensive lineman with Pick 11 is getting bigger by the day. Therefore, Joe Douglas and his staff better hope a good receiver is there