Chicago Bears’ Mock Draft 5.0

Chicago Bears' Mock Draft 5.0

The NFL Draft is finally less than a week away! The Chicago Bears' have some good capital to make some solid moves and put themselves into contenders, so all should be excited about that regardless if they have a first-round pick or not. As the draft is less than a

Kenny Stills is Next on the Trade Block

Kenny Stills is finding himself on the trade block once again. Why is he on the trade block right after the Houston Texans traded DeAndre Hopkins. The simple answer is they have wide receivers to give and little draft capital. Kenny Stills The Houston Texans will save seven million dollars

Jake Ryan and Ravens Agree To One-Year Deal

Photo of Jake Ryan Inside linebacker Jake Ryan and the Baltimore Ravens have agreed to a one-year deal. The biggest caveat of this deal is that it is pending a physical. Ryan has spent time in back-to-back years on injured reserve. With COVID-19 making it difficult for teams to properly evaluate players, the Ravens