The Opening Days of Rostermania

The rumors have come true. Dashy is on Chicago reuniting with Scump. Arcitys officially joins Atlanta Faze to team with the Tiny Terrors. And, Minnesota completely revamped their roster taking two from New York and Atlanta. It has only been 5 days, but the shakeup of the league is already

ROSTERMANIA: Post-MW, Return of 4v4

I took some time off, watched COD champs, however, I failed to bring some coverage on it. Congratulations to Dallas Empire, C6, Clayster and all the young guns. However, MW season is finally over and brings us back to Treyarch. Not even days after winning his 3rd ring, Clayster was

Zerograve – Demo Impressions

A brand-spanking new 6DoF Shooter that’ll cast you right back to the days of Descent and Forsaken.  The six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) shooter genre is experiencing something of a resurgence lately, largely due to Nightdive’s remaster of N64 title Forsaken, as well as the announcement of a new Descent title and the ever-growing

Florida Goes Back to Back and Takes CDL Paris


NY had Florida at the edge of their seats, Florida wiped them clean, reversed swept them, then made FaZe look like a bunch of amateurs. Don’t get me wrong, FaZe is an amazing team, but WOW, they just got smoked in Dom. Yes, there are still many questions. Is this

S.C.A.R. Early Access Review

Due to arrive on Steam on July 16th, S.C.A.R. (Simulating Carnage & Rockets) is a fast-paced horde shooter akin to the likes of Painkiller, Serious Sam and Will Rock. The debut project from Savage Studios, this first-person foray into the industry is a very exciting one, and will undoubtedly capture

Florida Mutineers Take Home CDL Minnesota

The last time we saw the Mutineers was at their own home series, CDL Florida, where they went down 0-2 with losses to New York and Minnesota. This time around, they were a perfect 4-0, mustering their way past Chicago, Los Angeles (Guerillas), Dallas and Atlanta. They defeated the top