Zerograve – Demo Impressions

A brand-spanking new 6DoF Shooter that’ll cast you right back to the days of Descent and Forsaken.  The six-degrees-of-freedom (6DoF) shooter genre is experiencing something of a resurgence lately, largely due to Nightdive’s remaster of N64 title Forsaken, as well as the announcement of a new Descent title and the ever-growing

EVECTOR, Acid Thirst – Demo Impressions

A luminous and sleek classic FPS experience that blends innovative mechanics with a familiar feel.  EVECTOR, Acid Thirst is an upcoming first-person shooter from solo-developer KGRVECTOR, and it’s due to blast its way onto Valve’s storefront this Winter. Whilst it might seem at a glance to be just another indie developer

PAX East 2020

After a five and a half-hour car ride up to Boston, Massachusetts, I was able to attend PAX East 2020. The convention took place at Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, which was a massive building turned into the beautiful show floor of video games, or as many (just me) like

Bleeding Edge Closed Beta Review

Past Experience Having played Bleeding Edge at E3 2019, as well as during some of the closed alphas a few months afterward, I had an idea of what to expect from the game at this point. This was the first time I felt like a few massive improvements could've come along,