Anaheim Ducks: Off Season Outlook

The Anaheim Ducks, a franchise that has been mocked their entire existence for being named after a Disney movie, had finally found some consistent success during the 2010s. In the past few years, the Ducks have had some tough seasons and have been at the bottom of the standings. GM

Los Angeles Kings: Offseason Outlook

A powerful team during the early 2010s and winning two Stanley Cups during their reign, have been on the decline ever since their defeat in the 2017-18 playoffs against the up and coming Las Vegas Golden Knights. The Kings failed to make the NHL’s twenty-four team return to play, making this the second

2020 NHL Draft: Small Players With Big-time Talent

In today's NHL, size doesn't have the same significance as it did years ago. However, for a smaller player to enjoy success, they must be extremely talented. The 2020 NHL draft has several players that display those characteristics. Here are some of the most notable of those prospects that are