Why You Should Support Arsenal

Arsenal celebrate their Invincible Season The English Premier League is back! For some of you looking for a club to support look no further than Arsenal Football Club (the Gunners). Arsenal are a massive club, rich with tradition and a great history of success. However, they have come on hard times

Rating Arsenal’s Young Guns

Today, Arsenal find themselves in a tough position coming into the return of football. They are 9th and face-off against champions Manchester City on Wednesday. However, there is hope on the horizon. While this season can pretty much be declared a bust, we did witness the rise of plenty of

In My Lifetime Vol. 4… Ten Great Assists

Goals take all the glory in soccer but assists are just as important as well. Everyone loves to talk about the best goals they’ve seen, and writers always come up with a Top 10 Goals of the Season list at the end of every year. I’m choosing to move differently,

FC Barcelona and the Enigma of Ousmane Dembele

FC Barcelona have had the French Winger, Ousmane Dembele on their team for several years now. When he first came to the team he made Barcelona supporters drool with excitement due to his skill. Now he’s causing them to scratch their heads in the frustration of what could have been. Dembele's

InterMiamiCF Stadium Home to Fort Lauderdale Soccer

InterMiamiCF stadium is the new home for Fort Lauderdale soccer. This is the new home of the expansion team Inter Miami CF playing in the MLS. This team is co-owned by David Beckham and is also president. InterMiamiCF Stadium Was Built on an Old Stadium In January 2019, InterMiamiCF became the newest